Ingredients to avoid in your Skincare products.

Dr. Farid Mostamand, Author of Ageless Skin Obsession

If you are a beauty enthusiast then you certainly have bought quite a large amount of beauty products whatever your age. The frustrating thing is that the Skincare products with expensive price tags and great packaging are the ones that don’t tend to work.

There are good skincare products out there that will meet the criteria of making and keeping your skin looking youthful. 

The confusing thing is that there are too many products, all claiming to be the best for your needs. There is a high demand for cosmetic products and manufacturers are keen to take advantage of this and so they beautifully brand and label their products to attract the highest amounts of customers.

So how do you separate the grain from the chaff? How do you narrow the selection down to the best products that actually deliver what they claim? The first thing is to know the ingredients to avoid.

Some good examples of ingredients to avoid when you are shopping for anti ageing face creams or lotions include mineral oil. Look out for other names such as liquid paraffin, petrolatum or paraffin wax. These products do not allow your skin to breath and so they do not belong in your anti ageing skin regimen.

Fragrances are another thing to be careful with when it comes to anti ageing products. If you love to smell nice your skin products are not the ones to satisfy this need. Invest in perfume for that. Any anti ageing product you go for should be fragrance free.

Parabens are toxic ingredients that are in the same category of cancer causing ingredients. They are meant to increase the shelf life of products but can also cause rashes and skin irritation.

Alcohols are also good to avoid in any anti ageing product. They have a bad drying effect on our skins and strip our skins off their natural acidic covering making you vulnerable to bacterial and viral attacks.

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