Cosmetic Natural Mineral Makeup

As we grow older and begin to lose our natural coloring, our skin tone turns dull and our skin loses its natural elasticity and stretches, we feel the need for some extra help which will give us a semblance of our youthful looks. How did so many changes come about in our faces suddenly? How come we didn’t find these changes when we look at ourselves in the mirror every day?

That’s when we need to conceal all our facial flaws with makeup. But this Mineral makeup should really be different as it should address all the problems we’ve just discovered about ourselves. Aging skin can receive the necessary kind of help in the shape of mineral makeup, which has been used for centuries by the Egyptians and other civilizations.

How mineral makeup helps aging skin: When women begin to age, their skin undergoes several kinds of changes. For one, the skin begins to lose its natural elasticity and collagen, the proteins inside the skin that works on enhancing and tightening the skin are no longer produced as much as in one’s youth.

As a result, the skin loses its firmness and begins to sag. The skin also cannot recover as well as before in terms of skin damage and scarring. However, what the skin cannot do externally, we can do internally: so, women can improve the condition of their skin by eating a diet rich in Vitamins A, C and E and so reverse the obvious signs of aging.


It is natural makeup which is devoid of any chemicals, or talc, preservatives and dyes, thereby negating the chance of contracting any skin irritation.

It also helps reverse the signs of aging.

It helps conceal all your fine lines, scars and age marks by providing lighter coverage and an even skin   tone.

It doesn’t damage the skin surface or cause any irritation or cause any dryness or oiliness.

It suits all complexions.

It also contains SPF, which protects your skin from UVB and UVA rays.

Ingredients: Mineral makeup comprises natural ingredients taken from the earth, such as:

Titanium dioxide: It provides enough opacity and coverage to hide blemishes and protects the skin against UV radiation.

Bismuth oxychloride: This gives a pearly sheen to cosmetics and is therefore preferred by cosmeticians.

Zinc oxide: This helps to hide skin blemishes and acts as a natural sunscreen that keeps UV rays away from you.

Mica: Mica helps reduce the number of wrinkles on your face.

Iron oxides: This is available in a large selection of colors and is used for colorization in mineral makeup.

3 top ingredients to look out for: These are standard ingredients of mineral makeup products, but there are some superior products available in the market that go one step further than this to include three stellar ingredients that do an amazing job of reversing the clock on mature skin to leave it fresh, light, glowing, blemish-free, smooth and even-toned. These three ingredients are:

Green tea extracts: Green tea extracts consist of antioxidants or polyphenols that play a very important role in preventing skin from aging and improving its condition. It reduces skin inflammation, prevents wrinkles from forming and diminishes those present, protects the skin against any future collagen breakdown and keeps the skin looking and feeling smooth.

Green tea extracts are also 100% natural and you can soon see the visible signs of aging reducing. Lastly, it is gentle enough to be used on all skin types.

Vitamin A: This natural ingredient heals flawed skin and strengthens it against the ravages of time. It also prevents any wrinkle formation, protects the sun from damaging UV rays, brings a unique radiance to the face and keeps one looking younger for much longer. Also known as Retinol, Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant and, in this capacity, helps increase the skin cells’ production which, in turn, helps repair the skin cells damaged by UV rays. It also gives you a smoother and even-toned complexion without fine lines or wrinkles.  

Vitamin E: Another important antioxidant, Vitamin E protects the skin cells from free radicals’ damage. It also protects the skin from UV rays’ exposure, age spots and sun damage. To reduce the signs of aging and prevent wrinkle formation, Vitamins C and E should be taken together orally or in a cream which has the goodness of Vitamin A, also in combination with green tea extracts and other reputed mineral makeup components. In a study published in Journal of Dermatology Treatment, it was found that when Vitamin E was applied on the skin, it improved by 39%.