15 Minutes to Gorgeous

How to achieve natural foundation coverage using mineral skincare makeup

A.      Loose Powder Foundation that can be mixed with Moisturizer

1.       Using a small amount of minerals is best – explain that too much product will look heavy on the skin and not allow the pure minerals to reflect light and give the skin a beautiful glow.  Direct women to mix equal parts of loose foundation/moisturizer great for dry skin dot all over the face and use a sponge or a concealer brush to smooth over skin. 

2.       Using a small amount of loose foundation load the powder brush with product and dot all over face then using downward strokes smooth all over the face.  This is recommended for oily skin and to take away shine throughout the day.

B.      Dark circle Eye brightening using concealer

            Show eye area - using a small amount of product dot under eye in a large upside-down triangle smooth with finger or sponge

3.       Dot concealer above and below eyebrow smooth/blend with finger or soft brush

C.       Blemish/Dark spot Coverage

            After applying foundation use a concealer brush and small amount of loose foundation to push the product on blemish/dark spot and the smooth edges to blend

4.       Any spots that can still be seen after a foundation can be covered using the above technique

Emphasizing Eyes and Eyebrows

A.      Explain that taking a minute or two to fill in brows can finish the look and make face appear younger

            “If the face was a picture the brows are the frame”

5.       Using eyeliner show how keeping the liner “inside” the lashes will seem to enlarge and open the eyes.  Suggest liner is kept to the top and only the outer corner of the bottom lash line.

B.      Smudging and Blending the Eyeliner gives a more natural look and saves time

            Once the liner has been drawn into the lash line using a soft eye shadow brush to gently smudge the liner and blend it up toward the eye crease keeping the darkest color in the outer corner of the top eyelid.

6.       Make your blush a multi-tasker by sweeping the blush color and blush brush over the crease of the eyelid (This will be shown during the highlight/contour part of the tutorial to save time)

C.       Mascara how to make it a multitasker and Emphasize eyes

            Use the mascara as an eyeliner by pushing the bristles into the lash line and the zig-zag the brush back and forth as you pull the brush through the lashes (this will be demonstrated with a close up)

7.       Tip: suggest keeping Mascara to the top lashes only as this will appear to lift the Eye

Highlight and contouring quickly and naturally

A.      Blush contouring making it a multitasker

            Tip: for a youthful glow apply blush from above the brow to the apple of the cheek in and then blend with the powder foundation brush to make it appear as if coming from within

8.       Contour chin area by sweeping blush under the chin to make sagging jawline appear contoured to blend with a foundation powder brush

B.      Blush multitasker as eyeshadow

1.       While putting on blush sweep the blush over the crease of the lid this gives a brightening effect to the eye and creates a natural glow to the face by pulling in the cheek color to the eyes

 C.       Highlight quickly and naturally

            Taking a small soft eyeshadow brush buff (in a circular motion) the mineral foundation above and below eyebrows to make the minerals shiny and therefore highlighting and lifting the eye area

            Use lipstick to the line and fill in the lips and you are done!



A.      Yes! This can be done with five products and 15 minutes.  Any time you learn a new technique it might take a little longer but once you practice the technique and get the process down you will decrease the time.

B.      By using only five products and making some of the products a multitasking product you can achieve the beautiful natural look that protects and heals your skin, lasts all day, and only takes 15 minutes.

C.       Thank Dr. Mostamand for the amazing skincare makeup line and direct viewers to visit (website) to purchase products and find more helpful videos for healthy, beautiful, natural skin.

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