Our Promise

We cut out The Middleman to Make Beautiful, Flawless Skin Affordable. Your skin is important, but so is your wallet. So why not take care of both?

Ageless Derma is a  Cruelty-Free Premium Brand for a Beautiful  and Healthy Skin at Affordable Price founded by Dr. Mostamand, Author of Ageless Skin Obsession.

Our promise is to always create and promote the best premium skincare products with the best ingredients at the best price. That means no skipping out on the ‘good stuff’ to cover marketing, distribution, or other costs not essential to ensuring the best customer experience.

Our Story

In 2005 Dr. Mostamand founded Focus Medical Spa which offered expensive premium skincare products to fit customer needs.

The following year, he founded DrSkinSpa.com, an online premium skincare store with over 5,000 premium skincare products and over 140 brands.

Having been in the skincare business for over ten years, he realized the high cost of premium skincare products was not due to expensive ingredients. The process of distribution and high profile marketing are what held the high cost that customers were forced to pay.

In the process of writing his book Ageless Skin Obsession, he came to realize that many expensive premium products were performing poorly and not meeting the expectations of customer needs.

He came to the understanding that if he cut out the middleman from the chain of distribution, he would be able to offer premium skincare at affordable prices to fit a customer’s budget and their desire for healthier and beautiful skin.

In 2011,  Ageless Derma was launched to make Premium skincare affordable for customers who want higher quality skincare within their budget.

Ageless Derma, is an innovative Cruelty Free Premium Skincare brand that seeks to maintain value and quality by providing products that are delivered directly to you.

Our promise to you is affordable premium skincare with you in mind. With attention to quality, we listen to your needs to create better performing products that give your skin the healthy look you have been searching for, while being kind to your wallet in the process.