5 Natural Makeup tips for aging skin

Most of the makeup rules you followed back when you were young are not quite applicable now that you’re over 40. However, it is never a problem. When it comes to beauty, there is no age limit. You might not bring back your previous makeup method anymore, but you can always open yourself up to new makeup techniques that can complement your present appearance. Therefore, here are 5 natural makeup tips for you to stay healthy and young-looking.

Your skin is the top priority 

If you neglect your skin, the next 4 steps would be useless. That is why your major consideration in beauty must be the health of your skin. It is advisable for you to use the best skin care products that effectively work for you, such as premium skincare that specializes in anti-aging. Always for anti-aging ingredients that can surely enhance your skin. According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, founder of Ageless Derma, Skincare creams containing stem cells, peptides, collagen, and exfoliators are now used to stave off the signs of aging.”

Go with the glow and prevent extremely mattifying makeup products

Having your face perfectly hydrated is always the major initial step before applying any makeup for it makes the skin plump and dewy. It also allows easier and smoother makeup application. When choosing a foundation and concealer, make sure that these two have natural moisturizing properties. Take note, matte makeup products can be drying and heavy on the skin so it can even highlight signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Learn how to work with basic neutrals for your eye makeup

You can use a well-curated neutral palette for it brings together complementary tones, shades, and textures that match. Work with earth colors that suit your complexion and blend it all together with a premium eyeshadow brush for a seamless finish. To add depth, you can use darker shades on the crease while lighter, shimmery colors for highlighting.

Let your blush and highlighter work in complete synergy

Your blush’s role is to incorporate warmth to make up by giving it a radiant flush while making the skin look healthy, glowing, and eye-catching. To make your blush stand out, you’ll also need the help of a highlighter. Professional makeup artist Nam Vo shares, "When you take profile photos, you always want that part [temples] to look higher and brighter," Vo also adds, "When I do makeup, it's always lighter in the center as if there's light on the face and darker around the perimeter." This way, it makes your face’s best features a lot noticeable.

Always condition your lips prior to lipstick

Before applying your lipstick, whether it is a bold lipstick, matte, or glossy, it is always important to condition your lips first. You need to exfoliate it first using a lip scrub because dead skin is always the source of making your lipstick looking uneven. Then after that, you are required to add moisture onto your lips using a lip balm, so that it fills in the cracks, and you can apply your lipstick smoothly and more even.

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