5 Natural makeup tips for over 50s to look younger

When you’re over 50, your goal of applying makeup is to look younger and healthy. Reducing fine lines or getting a naturally glowing skin might be just some of your objectives. Don’t worry, there are effective ways to fix those. In this article, we prepared 5 achievable natural makeup tips for you to look younger.

Focus on plumping your skin and brightening your complexion

Before putting anything else, remember to double up on hydration for your skin by layering a moisture cream and a serum, as this will effectively help on making your skin plump and it will help on making your fine lines unnoticeable. As for improving your complexion, you can opt for a foundation, BB cream or a tinted moisturizer for a glow finish. Additionally, you can use a bronzer to contour your face, and you can apply it on your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. It’s also advisable to use a highlighter to give your face a natural glow.

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara

Makeup artist Chrisanne Davis said, "Curling your eyelashes and adding a little glimmer shadow as a highlighter are the easiest things you can do to make your eyes look bigger—and therefore younger." After that, use a jet-black mascara to emphasize the whites of your eyes. Take note that some mascaras weigh the lashes down, so it is always advisable to curl your lashes first to open up your eyes.

Your lip liner is your new makeup must-have

Talk about keeping your lips healthy, Chrisanne Davis has advice, "Your natural lip line can begin to fade as you age, which makes lipstick more prone to bleeding. Tracing it with a clear lip liner can help lipstick stay put." Lip liners add more shape and definition so it is ideal for women over 50. Remember that your lip liner must have the same shade as your lips, only a tad brighter.

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