5 Nude Make up look for women over 40

Women tend to be very conscious when it comes to beauty, especially when it comes to dealing with aging skin. As we age, we opt for fewer colors in terms of donning Makeup, and this is one reason why the nude Makeup look is mainly fashionable among older women. In this article, we’ll share five wearable nude makeup looks that are surely easy to achieve.

Smokey Brown Eyes + Nude Lips

Smoky brown eyes paired with nude lipstick balances a dramatic look. After priming the eyelid, choose the soft brown color for the crease and deepen it with a darker shade of brown that goes on the outer corner of the eye. Next, apply two to three coats of mascara both on your top and bottom lashes. You can also choose to apply false eyelashes to intensify your look. Smokey eyes work best with beige-toned nude lipsticks, so find this type of shade that won’t wash your complexion out.

Peach Eyeshadow + Rose Blush + Peachy Pink Lips

The combination of peach and rose visibly radiates youthfulness in every look. To achieve this, apply a peachy eyeshadow than leans towards the orange hue more to add a touch of warmth. Pair it with a rose blush and shimmery highlighter for added glow. After completing your eye and face makeup, apply a mix of gloss and pink lipstick to achieve soft and youthful-looking lips. The goal of the gloss is to add volume as our lips shrink as we age. “No Makeup Look” is naturally beautiful and straightforward to do in all ages.

Curled Lashes + Defined Brows + Nude Rose Lips

This nude Makeup look will give you an additional flavor to your simple look, making you look a lot healthier and younger. On eyebrows, the key is to groom them to create definition naturally. As your brows are groomed, you can just go for subtle strokes of brow pencil for a natural, eyebrow on-fleek look. Applying mascara alone won’t do. With the help of an eyelash curler, make your lashes stand out by giving it a lift, then coat with mascara. Lastly, adding up some color by putting on a nude soft rose lipstick brings out a romantic, vintage vibe.

Brown Eyeliner + Coral Nude Lips

This neutral Makeup look can help mature women enhance their features without using loud tones of color. Black is usually the preferred color to use in the Eyeliner, but in this look, brown Eyeliner gives a more natural and subtle finish.

Groomed Brows + Shimmery Rosy Cheeks + Nude Pink Lips

If you are into a more natural and day to day Makeup, this look will surely be your quick go-to. If you have thick brows, to begin with, all you have to do is groom it. Pair it up with a rose-hued blush hat that has subtle shimmers to give a healthy glow. For that final touch, apply a nude lip liner to provide a more definite shape to your lips and swipe on a nude pink lipstick for a youthful everyday look. Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury says, Don’t choose anything that’s two tones lighter than your natural lip tone, and make sure there’s a little pink in the hue, so it doesn’t look too washed out.”


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