8 natural makeup look tips for mature skin

It is quite ideal to have your makeup looking natural especially if you already have mature skin. When you’re over 40 or 50, your main goal is not always to look years younger, but to live and look healthy. In this article, we are going to give you 8 natural makeup look tips for you to stay simply gorgeous and healthy.

1 Always begin with well-hydrated skin

Hydration makes your skin plump and radiant better than anything else. It is advisable for you to double-up on your hydration routine by applying serum and moisturizer on your face prior to any base makeup. Serum’s role is to boost up the hydration, and not only that, it helps makeup to blend smoothly.

2 Brighten up under eyes

Brightening up your under eyes truly gives a huge effect in terms of making you look radiant. To do this, gently apply your concealer along the under-eye area to conceal the dark circles. Your concealer must be one shade lighter than your skin tone for a brightening effect.

3 Less is more when it comes to your base

A natural look means you do not have to apply too much makeup on your skin. One of the popular natural makeup look tips from makeup artists is all about applying foundation sparingly. Adding too much foundation can even add years to your look! Do not apply too much layers of concealer and foundation on the skin to avoid caking.

4 Never settle for a face makeup product that doesn’t match your skin tone

Using a makeup product that does not match your skin tone could make you look older as the wrong shade may even highlight your imperfections. It is essential to use a foundation and powder that exactly matches your skin tone to enhance your complexion.

5 Use a flattering shade of blusher

It is much preferable if you use a rosy/ pinkish shade that perfectly mimics the natural flush of your cheeks. Clinique's Colour Artist, Florrie White shares her expert tip. She says, "Blush should recreate an inner glow, so go close to your own skin tone. For darker complexions, a plum tone is beautiful. If you have blue undertones go for plums, if you've got pink undertones to go for peaches. If you've got olive-y undertones use a bronze-peach blush and avoid pink."

6 Go for fuller brows

Over plucking does not only hurt your brows but can also look very unflattering. Having very thin brows certainly ages you. Bushy brows definitely give a more youthful vibe. You can achieve it by properly shaping your brows and defining its thickness with the help of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow gel.

7 Add warmth and radiance to your skin with a shimmery bronzer

Shimmery bronzers will surely give you radiant skin with a natural glow. However, shimmers must be subtle, so it can provide your skin with a naturally luminous glow. Bronzers are good to use for it can give you a sun-kissed tan look.

8 Dab some gloss on your lips for added volume

Your lips need to look gorgeous too, so you should dab some gloss on your lovely lips to make it look plumper. Remember to always choose a lip gloss that has a non-sticky formula, and do not apply too much of it.

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