Achieving Flawless Daily Healthy Natural Makeup Look

The perfect daily natural makeup look should be simple and easy to achieve. The aim of your everyday makeup look is to make sure that your best features are enhanced. There is no need to pile up layers of makeup to make yourself look good. With a few good makeup tricks, you can flaunt that gorgeous, fresh-looking makeup look perfect for everyday wear.

The Importance of Pre-Makeup Skincare

Skincare before applying the rest of your makeup helps the skin work seamlessly with your chosen foundation. Makeup expert Maki Ryoke recommends using cleansing water and toner first and then a moisturizer. These skincare steps to prep the skin before makeup make sure that the skin is free from excessive oils and impurities. Starting with clean skin should allow the makeup to adhere and blend effortlessly. In addition to that, it also gives a youthful glow that is perfect for your daily natural makeup look.

Enhancing your Best Facial Features

To emphasize your face’s best features, you have to go by the rule – less is more. Begin with a glowing canvas by perfecting your base. Take note that the term “flawless” does not always translate to “heavy coverage.” Make your natural skin show its beauty by going for a sheer and natural base (BB cream, tinted moisturizer, or baked mineral foundation). As for the eye area, Petra Strand, creator of Pixi by Petra, has a handy tip, “To reduce puffiness, pop eye lotion in the icebox and apply to lids before eye makeup.” This will not only relax your skin but will also help your eye makeup application go smoothly.

Making your Daily Natural Makeup Look Last

The idea of having your makeup all over the place by the end of the day is quite dreadful. To make your daily natural makeup look last the entire day, you need an efficient finishing powder that controls oil. Go for finely-sifted mineral powders for it is more lightweight and velvety. It will efficiently absorb excess fat while smoothing out your foundation; if you feel like you need a retouch mid-day, blot first before applying a layer of your powder to prevent caking. 

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