Baked Mineral Makeup for a Healthy and Flawless Look.

One common misconception about Baked Mineral makeup is that it’s not as pigmented and vibrant as traditional cosmetics. Baked mineral makeup brand produces offers superior pigmentation and exceptionally smooth texture to give you healthy and flawless look.

The Difference of Baked Mineral Makeup

The beauty of Baked mineral makeup is that it’s infused with natural ingredients that greatly benefit the skin. It’s basically skincare in your makeup! So how is baked Mineral Makeup different from traditional mineral cosmetics?

  • Created from Semi-solid Mousse Makeup – as it is made from semi-solid mousse, the product itself contains no artificial extenders. It is purely natural and highly pigmented.
  • Baked not Pressed - Unlike traditional pressed make-up which is compacted and squeezed using binders, baked make-up is allowed to rise naturally in the oven giving it is unique dome-shape. This results to richer pigmentation and superior blend ability of the product.
  • Handcrafted by Artisans –baked Mineral Makeup is its group of artisans working on each product by hand. They add various swirls of colors to the mousse before placing each tablet into baking terracotta pans which are then inserted into the oven for a beautiful finish.
  • Each Product is unique on its own – as each baked mineral makeup is carefully handcrafted, no two products are exactly alike. While they feature the same rich and velvety formula, each product is as unique as every snowflake.

Amazing Benefits of Baked Mineral Makeup

With Baked Mineral Makeup, you are allowed to fully express yourself through the makeup look of your choice. From the classic natural makeup look to the sultry evening look – Baked Mineral Makeup serves as an instrument to perfect your look. Because of the intricate craftsmanship behind each and every product, these baked mineral cosmetics apply smoothly like velvet. No struggles with blending and no worries of looking too artificial.

In addition, Baked mineral makeup amazing all-natural ingredients beneficial to the skin. It takes ride on its natural key ingredients rich in antioxidants and vitamins like Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Extract, Green tea Extract, Thyme Extract, Coconut Oil and more!

Radiant Hues for the Best Price for a Younger You

You can expect vibrant shades that deliver rich pigmentation while experiencing its silky-smooth texture. It is all about delivering the best anti-aging products for a younger you. You can look good and feel healthy wearing the best baked mineral makeup on your skin without worries of all chemicals in those regular makeup products.

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