Sophisticated Barely There Makeup Look in Just 15 Minutes


Nothing beats the beauty and sophistication of a natural “barely there” makeup look. As beauty trends rapidly come and go, that fresh, barely there makeup look is always here to stay. This particular natural no makeup look is definitely something that suits all occasions which makes it quite a go-to look for everyone!

It may seem like it’s a total breeze completing a barely there makeup look, but such simple look also has rules to go by as well. You can perfect such makeup look fast and easy if you go by the beauty tricks from beauty experts themselves. In this article, we are going to share what the beauty and makeup experts have to say with regards to doing a sophisticated “barely there” makeup look.

Easy Tips to Perfect Your Natural Barely There Makeup Look

  • Never skip applying a moisturizer that best suits your skin type. Consider the current climate when choosing a moisturizer. If it’s freezing cold, go for something a bit more heavy and hydrating. On the other hand if it’s hot and humid, use an oil-free moisturizer to keep the sebum at bay.
  • Avoid extremely shimmery makeup products. The barely there makeup look is all about enhancing your features. In layman’s terms, you can actually refer to the no makeup, makeup look as “cheating”. Cheating in a way that you’d apply makeup to make you look more radiant and youthful without making it obvious that you have makeup on. Shimmers and glitters won’t look very natural under any type of light.
  • Focus on your skin more than anything else. The highlight of the barely there makeup look is not on how bold your lipstick is or how “on fleek” your eyebrows are done. It’s all about making you look fresh and glowing. This can be done naturally if you focus on making your complexion even. The trick can be done using a multi functional BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. If you need more coverage, dot a bit concealer only on areas that need it.
  • Apply everything with a light hand. According to professional celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, the secret to this look is to blend, blend and blend. Whether you choose to apply your face makeup with a brush or with your fingers, you need to blend everything out with a light hand to make sure you get a natural, even layer.

This look is for everybody – including busy, mature women. If you feel like you don’t have the luxury of time to do your makeup look because of your busy schedule, here’s how to do so in just 15 minutes.  

9 minutes – Perfect your skin.

Tone and moisturize your skin to make sure your skin is very well prepped. According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, author of Ageless Skin Obsession, developing a skincare regimen that you should follow daily is a must regardless of your age. Not only that it affects your skin in the long run, it also contributes in making your makeup easy to work with. Using a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream for this “barely there” makeup look is ideal.

The key is to cancel out the dullness and unevenness on your skin tone. Conceal when necessary but dot it only on the areas that need coverage. Always remember to keep on blending until it embraces your skin.

Go for cream-type or baked mineral blushers. You would want something that applies smoothly without any worries of caking. Choose a blusher closest to your natural skin’s flush. 

3 minutes – Make your eyes more alive.

Curling your lashes should be enough to make your eyes pop. But if you wish to be a bit more extra, apply a lash serum or lengthening mascara. If you have deep-set eyes, use a matte brown eyeshadow to mimic your eye socket’s natural shadow. You can also use brown eyeliner to tightline as this makes your lashes look fuller.

2 minutes – Fill in your brows.

You don’t have to spend so much time shaping your brows. Just fill it in to make it look more defined. Use a brow powder or pencil that goes with the same color of your natural brow hair.

1 minute – My Lips but Better.

Choose a lip color that matches the natural color of your lips. The key is to enhance your lips’ natural hue and this can be achieved by using gentle dabbing motion in applying your lip tint.

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