Beauty Ideas on Achieving Natural Makeup Look for Night-Time

The natural makeup look is always a timeless look that every woman can flaunt. Women today find the natural makeup look for night time much more alluring rather than the usual heavy glam makeup look. Here are some beautiful ideas from the experts that you can go for once you feel like going for a natural makeup look for night time.

Apply feathery dust of bronzer for added radiance.

Who says you can’t bring a bit of sunshine with you at night? Gentle dust of bronzer over your skin can instantly add warmth and glow. Make sure you don’t overdo it so your skin can maintain that subtle glow. Use a fluffy brush or a kabuki brush to help deliver the product evenly on your skin. Celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlep shares, “Create a number 3 on both sides of your face starting from the forehead. Dust it along your cheeks, sweep it across your chin, and jawline. Remember to blend it into your neck too.”

Go for soft Smokey eyes.

Smokey eyes are usually considered a dramatic look. For night time, Smokey eyes are perfect to make your eyes stand out. You can also tone it down a bit to make your Smokey eyes a lot more natural-looking at night. Focus on two shades only: a neutral transition shade and a deep brown shade. After applying your transition color all over the lids, work with your deep/dark brown eyeshadow starting from the center of your eyelids. Blend it out to soften the harsh edges but let the deepest shade prominent from the center to the outer V.

Top your lips off with a plumping lip gloss.

Peachy nude lips are a perfect match for your soft Smokey eye makeup look. To amplify your natural makeup, look for night time, use a plumping lip gloss to add volume to your lips. You can go for a clear lip gloss or something that has a bit of shimmer. Makeup expert Keri Hatfield recommends that you apply lip gloss on the center of the bottom lip and the cupid’s bow. She also adds, “Blot your lips and not rub to prevent the lip gloss from spreading all over the place.” 

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