Blush Tips and Tricks for a Flawless Look

The right shade of blush has a huge role in revamping a woman’s makeup look. However, some women are not that familiar with how to use and apply their blushes properly. They seem to find it hard to look for the right shade according to their skin tone. In this article, we will discuss some blush tips and tricks to help you achieve a flawless and radiant look.

Choose the right shade of blush that flatters your skin tone:

  • Fair Skin - A known makeup artist named Ashleigh Ciucci says, “On fair skin, baby pink gives a subtle flush. It's almost like the same color as the inside of your lip.” Baby pink does give women with fair skin a simple yet natural look. Other than baby pink, peach blush perfectly suits women with fair skin.
  • Medium Skin – Other women that have medium skin tones already display warmth; all they need is a bit of enhancement. Apricot with a shade of orange amplifies the beauty of a woman with a medium skin tone. You can also apply subdued mauve; it will give you a chic finish, particularly when you apply blush on all the correct spots.
  • Deep Skin – Blush colors with deep shades of red are the ultimate choice for women with deep skin. Ciucci says, "The trick is to choose a shade that looks crazy bright in the packaging." Red seems to be perfect but it is also a bit common. Bright orange also gives an amazing finish. Ciucci said, "Bright orange blush looks so intimidating, but on dark skin, it's subtle and pretty.”

Pair it with proper contouring according to your face shape

Use a matte bronzer to enhance your facial features through contouring. First, determine your face shape as this will help bring out the beauty of your natural bone structure. Dust on a bit of bronzer right underneath your jawline and temples to draw attention to your cheekbones. This way, your blusher would flawlessly lift your cheeks for a youthful gorgeous look.

Apply your blush under the foundation for a natural finish

One of the most effective blush tips and tricks tips that will make your cheeks stand out is to have it beneath your foundation. Celebrity makeup artist James Vincent shares a great blusher hack, "Add your favorite blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation for a glow that looks like it's coming from beneath the skin. A bright, warm pink at the apple is perfect for any complexion."

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