Causes and treatment for dark circle under eyes

Causes and Treatment for Dark Circle Under Eyes

If you wish to look your best, you have to put lots of efforts towards keeping your face skin healthy, young looking and shining. However, this might be a hard task to manage, especially if you have dark circle under eyes. This is a common problem for many people out there. So, let’s take a look at some of the root causes of these circles and of the benefits you may get using a good eye cream to treat them.

First of all, let’s start with identifying some of the root causes for the dark circle under eyes. There are many of them out there. You might be surprised at how many different factors are there, which may impact the health and good look of your skin. Keep in mind the under eye skin is very gentle and it is the thinnest on your entire face. So, it can be easily damaged and impaired in its looks.

One of the main things that impact the look of your under eye skin is your genetic inheritance. There is not much you can do about that. You cannot fix it permanently. Some people just have the thinner skin under their eyes or larger blood vessels there, which cannot be completely masked up by the skin. That is where your dark circle under eyes may come from.

Still, you can use the right eye cream to treat this problem. The cream may make your skin tighter, it may moisturize it to do a better job at hiding those dark circles under the eyes.

Your life style may be another cause for developing this cosmetic problem. Such bad habits as smoking or drinking impair your skin. They also dehydrate it and spoil its color. Plus, all the bad habits make you look more aged than you really are.

And, of course aging is one of the key reasons for developing puffy eyes, wrinkles or dark circle under eyes. You cannot stop aging process in your body, but you can significantly slow it down, providing your skin with the adequate care.
Finally, you may get the trouble with the look of skin under your eyes due to various environmental influences. The most common one of them is UV light exposure. Overexposure may lead to various skin problems, including developing excessive skin dryness. Since your under eye skin is already thin, dehydrating and dryness may lead to further thinning down of it. And thin skin becomes more transparent. It fails to cover up the blood vessels and the dark circles appear under your eyes.

People with all the above mentioned skin problems and root causes of dark circle under eyes may benefit from using a good eye cream. For instance, Ageless Derma eye cream contains such essential ingredients as Retinol and key antioxidants. Antioxidants help your skin cells to combat free radicals. According to scientific research, free radicals damage the cells and launch the aging process in them. So, binding those elements you naturally slow down the aging process in your skin.

Plus, you keep your skin cells healthy, undamaged and consequently, you get a nice looking and young skin. Retinol helps to keep your skin fresh and tight. It provides the skin with timely exfoliation and stimulates its regeneration.

Now, a good eye cream would treat not only the dark circle under eyes, but other aging caused problems of the skin. It would minimize bags under your eyes and smooth down fine lines and wrinkles. Now, when you read the ingredient list of the eye cream, look for one special ingredient there. It’s the vitamin K, which is also found in Ageless Derma eye cream.

This vitamin is found only in few foods. So, sometimes our bodies become deficient in it. However, this very vitamin is one of the best natural treatments for bags under eyes or for dark circles. It strengthens your vessels and tightens up your skin, decreasing the appearance of dark circles under eyes. Vitamin K is especially effective, when it is delivered directly to the skin through eye cream application and it attains the best results when used in combination with vitamin A (Retinol).

As you may see, dark circle under eyes can be treated with a good eye cream regardless of their root cause. The key thing to do is to find the eye cream with the right ingredient combination in it and to make sure you get no allergic reactions to this product for the safe use of it.

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