Effective Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Battling with oily skin is an absolute struggle. Oily skin problems are very common for a lot of people, most particularly to those who live in places with hot and humid weather. You may think that excessive sebum production is a situation out of your control, but believe us, it’s not. Managing oily skin may seem difficult especially in terms of makeup application. Makeup on oily skin may end up terribly cakey and greasy when not applied properly. Just like any other skin types, oily skin also requires a different approach.

If you are currently struggling on applying makeup on your oily skin, don’t fret. There are also several ways for you keep your entire makeup intact even under the hot and humid weather. Here are some easy and simple makeup tips for oily skin.

Quick Overview: Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

  1. Always go for oil-free moisturizers.
  2. Use oil-control face primers.
  3. Do not forget to prime your lids too.
  4. Consider “Longwear” makeup products.
  5. Blotting films are essential.
  6. Always go easy on powder.

Should you still apply moisturizer if you have oily skin?

The answer to this question is definitely YES. One common misconception among many is the fact that moisturizers should be skipped if you have oily skin. It is because of the belief that moisturizers only add more oil to the skin. On the contrary, moisturizers are highly essential for all skin types – including oily skin. It is only a matter of choosing a specific type of moisturizer that suits your skin type. For oily skin, going for water-based and oil-free moisturizers is ideal. It still provides proper hydration in a way that it balances the skin’s moisture levels.

The Importance of Oil-control Face Primers

Beauty experts swore by applying a face primer prior to everything else. The role of a face primer is vital in terms of keeping the entire makeup intact. Face primers are specifically formulated to allow better adherence between the skin and makeup. Think of it as a double adhesive tape! However, just like foundations, not all primers are for oily skin. For oily skin, always choose face primers with exceptional oil-control properties. Look for the terms “oil-control”, “longwear”, “pore-blurring” or “balm-type”. Applying a face primer is the most popular and effective makeup tip for oily skin according to experts.

Oily Skin

Prime your lids with eye primer NOT concealer

It is true that concealers make good eyeshadow bases for it brings out the color more. However, using a cream-type base or concealer for your oily lids will only result to horrible creasing. In order to prevent creasing and to make your eye makeup stand out more, look for an eye primer. It is quite advisable that you apply the eye primer directly onto your clean lids rather than layer it over your foundation.

The Difference of Longwear Makeup Products

The term “longwear” already speaks for itself. The possibility of having your makeup smear and melt is quite huge when you have oily skin. Not to mention how worse it can get when the weather is hot and humid! One effective makeup tip for oily skin is to always take the longevity of the makeup product in consideration. Longwear products are specifically formulated to adhere onto the skin to boost your makeup look’s longevity.

Blot oil instead of powdering up.

Most people usually think that powdering over the shine would solve all your oily skin worries. Then again, this trick isn’t really the best option out there. As you are already wearing makeup, putting layers of powder would only accumulate over the oily area. While it really minimizes the shine, it also makes your makeup look more cakey. Instead of using powder to pat away the shine, make oil-blotting films a staple in your go-to vanity kit.

Face Powder – Less is more.

Caking foundation is your biggest enemy if you have oily skin. Once oil gets in contact with thick layers of your powder, the chances of it caking is quite large. Here’s a quick and effective makeup tip for oily skin: Less is more. When setting your makeup with powder, always go for finely-sifted formulations. Dust a fine layer over your makeup using a big powder brush and you are ready to go!

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