Every Day simple makeup look tutorial

It takes ample time to prepare your face if you need to transform from being simple to extraordinary. But most of the time, we might need those extra minutes and even hours to take a more critical task. There are also situations when we are overwhelmed with all the beauty trends available. But of course, many people still believe that having less is still more attractive in beauty preparation, primarily if handled exquisitely. That will not be a problem if you know the basics of simple makeup that will quickly prepare your skin, highlight your natural facial features, and save precious time. Here are some simple makeup look tutorial tips to gently enhance your features and natural beauty.

Your simple makeup looks on your base

Prep is crucial. You are conditioning your skin before makeup makes a huge difference to the finish of your base. Perfect your canvas by enhancing your skin and cleansing it using a mild cleanser or several splashes of lukewarm water to wash away any dirt or excess oil. Do not pile too much foundation or concealer. You may use a little extra concealer on blemishes, only if necessary while ensuring you are using the right color for your skin tone. 

Apply translucent powder on your T-Zone 

Your T-Zone is oilier than any other area on your face. Choose a translucent powder that's finely sifted for it easily blends to your skin tone. Apply fine powder on your skin but do not set powder on the entire face to keep the other areas dewy-looking. Apply it circularly using a fluffy brush to distribute it evenly, leaving your face with a natural-looking smoothness.

 Line your eyes with brown eyeliner for depth

Choosing an eyeliner shade is a personal choice. While different colors blend with corresponding skin tones and colors of eyes, the classic colors are always appealing. So if you want to add depth to your eyelashes, making them appear more natural, always go for the shades of brown, gray, or black.

Dab a warm cream blush color on your cheeks and lips

For that perfect natural flush, use a multifunctional cream blush. Dab a warm cream blush onto your cheeks, sweeping from the cheekbones up to the hairline. Then put some more blush on your finger and press it to the middle of your lips while blending the shade. Finish off with your simple lip balm, and you're good to go!



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