How to Do a Natural Eye Makeup Look

The epitome of the ever-famous natural eye makeup look mostly relies on minimalism and neutral hues. Application is often deemed simple, as there is no need for complex blending of colors. However, the natural eye makeup draws a fine line in between looking gorgeously simple or mundanely dull. It’s tricky, but by learning the right colors to work with and the correct application techniques, donning the best natural eye makeup is totally doable.

Begin with a well-set eye primer

Celebrity makeup artist Min Min Ma says, "Be sure to let primer dry first with your eyes closed for a few seconds before proceeding with the eye shadow." Whether you’re using a nude tinted base or colorless eye primer, the key is to really make sure that it’s dry and set. This will allow superior color payoff and adherence. Applying eyeshadow, or any eye makeup for that matter, over wet primer may end up with noticeable creases.

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Understanding your skin tone and eye color in choosing eyehadow shades to complement it

Neutral shades are universal colors. However, while they are considered flattering regardless of your eye color and skin tone, colors that truly match your type makes a whole world of difference. Start with the color wheel rule and look at natural-looking colors that gives proper contrast to your skin tone and eye color. Makeup artist Suzy Gerstein shares that you may also opt to pop a shimmery mid-tone shade onto the center of your lids for a light-catching effect. This will add dimension while keeping your eye makeup natural-looking.

Tightline using a deep brown eyeliner

Tightlining is a way of applying eyeliner along the inner rims of your eyes to create depth and boost the volume of your eyelashes. While black eyeliner is one classic way to do it, deep brown shades like coffee, terracotta or wood brown create a more natural effect. Use a creamy eyeliner for this to make sure that it glides seamlessly. Remember, the inner rims of your eyes are more sensitive so choose a premium eyeliner that features natural ingredients safe for the eyes.

Enhance your lashes by curling and coating them with black mascara

Lashes can truly open your eyes up without making them look overly dramatic. MAC Cosmetics' Senior Makeup Artist, Dominic Skinner shares, "A trick I often use, is to apply mascara as usual, but then use two cotton buds with a little makeup remover and pinch the lashes between them to remove some of the excess mascara."

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