Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Eyebrow

One of the most popular beauty trends nowadays is a having gorgeous and natural-looking eyebrows. That is why there are more than 3 million Instagram posts with #brows and more than 600,000 #browsonfleek hashtags all referring to fabulous-looking eyebrows! The right eyebrow tutorial is also in demand everywhere from online videos to other social media posts. So, here are the tips and tricks for you to quickly complete perfect eyebrows.

Start by determining the thickness or thinness of your brows

If your brows are thick enough then start right away. However, if it is thin, then regularly massage your eyebrows three to five minutes before bedtime using any of these oils: castor oil, olive oil or almond oil to increase hair growth. Then make sure to follow the eyebrow tutorial below and have your brows perfectly done.

Match the perfect eyebrow shape for your face

  • Create a high arch brow if you have a round shape face.
  • Try a curved brow shape if you have square face. Avoid thin and short brow shapes.
  • Low arch and rounded brow shape is easily matched with heart-shaped face.
  • A flat and soft angled shape is best for an oval face.

Prepare your eyebrows for plucking

First,  apply moisturizer on to your brows to help reduce pain and swelling. Plucking above the brow needs extra care because it will look thin if you overdo it. Make sure to zoom out after every few plucking to make sure the result is favorable before proceeding any further. Comb your eyebrows using a specially designed mini brush and gently trim any strand that may stick up above the eyebrow line.

Fill in your eyebrows for that natural look

Remember that the color of your eyebrows must be very close to your hair color or tone. Fill in your brows using eyebrow pencil, powder and brow mascara. Fill in the spots without hair and line the lower curve of your eyebrow. Then, create an outline on the top and bottom edges of your eyebrow and work within those margins. Reduce color application near the nose bridge to soften out the look.

Remember that the basic tricks for a perfect eyebrow are similar regardless what type of filling instrument you use. This simple but complete eyebrow tutorial will surely help you achieve the perfect outcome that matches your face and lifestyle.

Eyebrow Tutorial

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