Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial for a Gorgeous Look

When you type the words “natural eye makeup tutorial”, you’ll be greeted with tons of results. Natural eye makeup is every woman’s go-to look and while it sounds like a simple task to do, it still requires a couple of rules for it to be done perfectly. Here’s an easy-to-follow natural eye makeup tutorial for you to achieve that gorgeous look you desire.

Use a salmon peach eyeshadow base

Using a primer or eyeahadow base can help boost the longevity of your eye makeup. Moreover, using a tinted eyeshadow base can help bring out warmth to your neutral eyeshadows. As a substitute, you can also use your concealer as an eyeshadow base to bring out the colors of your eye makeup.

Make your Neutral Eyeshadow Trio your go-to makeup product

Of course, you can opt for a 12-color palette or single eyeshadow pots for this eye makeup tutorial. On the other hand, if you’d like to make things quicker and simpler, you can just have an eyeshadow trio in your makeup pouch. Go for a trio that has one dark brown shade to sculpt the eye socket, soft beige to act as transition shade and shimmery champagne shade to highlight.

Use black or brown eyeliner to tightline your eyes

MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist, Dominic Skinner says, "A great tip to define your eyes without a dramatic liner look, is to apply a black or brown eye pencil to the top and bottom waterlines of your eye. After applying it, close your eyes really tight - this will push the pigment into the roots of your lashes, deepening the appearance of your natural lashline. Your lashes will look naturally defined, with zero harsh lines.”

Draw emphasis to your lashes by curling and coating it with mascara

Applying mascara alone does not suffice overall enhancement of the eyes. To make your eyes look lifted and awake, make sure that it’s properly curled first. After curling, apply two to three coats of black mascara to draw more emphasis to the look.

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