How to Apply Eyeshadow for Women Over 50

Dark circles, wrinkles, and puffy bags that form under the eyes can be very displeasing to look at. It’s a frustrating dilemma and these kinds of problems appear when you are over 50. However, fixing these problems is always possible. With the help of correct eyeshadow application and proper skin care, you can do a bit of tweaking to make your eyes look youthfully gorgeous. Here we have some eyeshadow tips for you to pull off that radiant and youthful appearance successfully.

Infuse superior hydration in your makeup prep

As you age, the parts around your eyes can easily grow wrinkles and develop a saggy look. However, moisturizing it using an eye cream can offer restoration of hydration to your skin, while providing it a naturally radiant glow. Eye creams are also formulated to decrease puffiness. By regularly applying some under eye cream every night, and a lighter cream every morning, you can surely eliminate your dark circles.

Use a top-quality eye primer

Make sure that the eye primer you use is a top-quality eye primer, for it will provide a long lasting effect, and it will surely help on preventing your eyeshadow from creasing, fading or smudging. It also helps to allow your eyeshadows to stick or hold on much better. However, you should avoid thick primers that are drying because they may look patchy.

Know the eyeshadow shades that would flatter your complexion

Identifying what eyeshadow shade suits to your complexion is always necessary. Choosing the eyeshadow that truly flatters your complexion is one of the secrets on making you look younger. For example, if you have dark skin, rich shades will help your eyes pop. Jewel tones such as purple, luminous blue, emerald green or burgundy undoubtedly stand out with your complexion. If you have medium skin, illuminating bronze or honey eyeshadow shade will suit gorgeously. And if you have fair skin, eyeshadows that are soft purple, taupe, grayish beige, pink, or berry red can emphasize your beauty.


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