5 Eyeshadow Tips & Tricks to do Your Eye Makeup Like a Pro

The outcome of having a chic eyeshadow look surely brings out fascination. If you have efficiently completed doing your everyday eye makeup look, you will definitely capture attention. By equipping yourself with proper knowledge on eyeshadow application, you’ll be able to explore more shades that truly flatters your eye shape. That is why, in this article, we are about to share some eyeshadow tips and tricks to do your makeup like a pro.

Learn proper application techniques according to your eye shape

Identifying your eye shape first is essential when it comes to helping your eyeshadow look gorgeous.

  • Hooded eyes – If you have this eye shape, your eyeshadow may seem unnoticeable when your eyes are open. In this case, you need to apply your eyeshadow more on the bottom of the lower lashes then at the outer corners.
  • Wide-set eyes - This eye shape could look more attractive if you use dark color at the inner corner.
  • Close-set eyes - You are suggested to add concentrated darkness at the outer corners if you do have this eye shape.
  • Monolids - This eye shape looks better with thick cat eyes; you may also pair it with a bit of glitter for more emphasis.

Eye Primer is your Holy Grail

Your eyeshadow will look dreary at the end of the day if you do not use an eye primer. Eye primer is necessary; it is essential to use before applying your eyeshadow to boost its longevity. It also makes your eyeshadow look more vibrant and smooth. Additionally, a premium eye primer helps fix the struggles of oily lids and creased lids.

eyeshadow tips

Equip yourself with high-performance eyeshadow brushes

A high-performance makeup brush is a must-have for perfect blending, for it greatly contributes on bringing your eyeshadow look to a completely new level. High-quality eyeshadow brushes help evenly distribute the colors and prevent unwanted pigment build-up.

Use a transition shade to pull all the colors in

Use neutral shades like taupe, beige or soft brown in matte for your transition color. Transition color plays the role of having two or more shades blend seamlessly together. Apply it all over the lids after priming and make sure you pack on the appropriate amount of pigment.

Use a shimmery champagne eyeshadow to brighten up your eyes

A hair and makeup artist from New York named Abraham Sprinkle said, “Champagne has a neutral cool undertone which is flattering to almost any skin color. It helps set up for any other color introduced that could possibly clash”. Shimmery champagne eyeshadow has an astounding effect on your eyes, you just need to apply it on inner corners, and it will surely brighten up your eyes.

 eyeshadow tips

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