How to Achieve Fuller Eyebrows for Mature Women

Having bushy, full eyebrows is a sign of youth. But then as we grow older, our eyebrow hairs become more sparse and thin. In addition to this aging dilemma, graying eyebrows is another thing to consider. This problem may lead to confusing you on how to revive the youthfulness of your brows. No worries, because we’re here to help you how.

Begin with proper eyebrow care

First and foremost, taking care of your brows the natural way is a must. Avoid over-plucking your brows and invest in natural hair growing essential oils to nourish your brows. Dr. Farid Mostamand, Founder of Ageless Derma, recommends, “The secret ingredients in many of these eyelash products are peptides. Also used in anti-aging products, peptides have been found to reverse many of the aging processes that affect our appearance, including those that adversely impact the lash line.”

Define with eye brow pencil

Now let’s hop on to the makeup tutorial. First step is to equip yourself with an eyebrow pencil that produces appropriate pigment. Not too strong, not too light. You will use the brow pencil to define the shape of your brows and draw subtle lines that mimic your natural eyebrow hair. This will give the illusion of fuller, longer eyebrow hairs.

fuller eyebrows for mature women

Fill in with eyebrow powder

Next step, you’ll need the help of an eyebrow powder. Let this do the filling for you. Eyebrow powders are softer and lighter in terms of pigment payoff so it will look more natural this way. Additionally, a top quality eyebrow powder does not leave streaks of pigment that usually look harsh at first glance.

Set and groom with eyebrow gel

Once you’re done with shaping and filling your brows in, it’s now time to set. The key to properly setting your brows with the use of an eyebrow gel is to gently brush the brow hairs right on the direction where it grows. Then on the inner part, use gentle upward strokes to create the illusion of bushy brows. Also, coating your brows with brow gel will let your brow makeup stay in place for a long time.

fuller eyebrows for mature women

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