Guide to Achieving Night time natural make up look

When nighttime makeup comes to mind, the word "natural" may seem to be a little contradicting. We are used to heavy, red-carpet-ready makeup looks when donning a nighttime makeup look. On the other hand, natural makeup is all about being minimal and straightforward. If you're a fan of natural cosmetics and you want to level it up a bit for a nighttime natural makeup look, then you're in the right article.

It's all about a healthy, glowing canvas

Natural makeup is all about making you still look like yourself. But the point is to enhance your natural beauty and make you look a lot healthier and younger. In the majority of natural makeup looks, perfecting your skin is the key. Let it glow and ensure that it has this healthy flush of radiance. MAC's Senior Makeup Artist, Dominic Skinner, shared his handy base makeup trick: "A tip to ensure a more natural finish when using concealer, is to look at yourself in the eye when applying. We tend to zero in on all our imperfections, but no one else does. So when I use concealer, I look into the eyes and conceal only things that I notice within the peripheral vision."


Get your skin glowing with pearlescent highlighter

Don't be scared to add some glow; it's a natural nighttime makeup look. Take a highlighter that features a bit of extra pearlescent shimmer and dusts it over the high points of your face. It will help add glow to your overall look and draw emphasis to your best features.

Add luscious volume to your lips with the right shade of lip gloss

Applying lip gloss will add a plump to your lips. The key here is to go for the right shade of gloss. Makeup artist and beauty mogul Bobbi Brown says, "When selecting lip gloss shades, keep this in mind: The most flattering lip shades are the ones that look like the color of your lips or are one to two shades brighter or darker than your natural lip tone. You'll never go wrong if you use the natural color of your lips as a guide."

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