Three Effective Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

It is always essential to have a healthy and glowing skin. Our skin is fragile, and using too much chemical-based products is always a risk to take. Some of us are even allergic to chemicals. But do not worry, there are some alternative solutions for you to take good care of your skin. In this article, we are going to show you some effective and tested home remedies for a glowing skin.

  • Lemon and Sugar Toner

The mixture of lemon and sugar is one of the reliable home remedies for a glowing skin, and it can surely help on giving you that healthy-looking skin. The granules present in sugar can eliminate your dead skin cells effectually, while lemon helps on cleansing, bleaching and even on removing your tan. Lemon is known to be the one of the most effective brightening agents, as it can give your skin that natural glow. Just mix the lemon and sugar and gently apply the mixture onto your face. Slowly scrub it in circular motion, then leave if for 10 minutes. Do not forget to wash it off with warm water.

  • Rose Water Face Mist

A lot of women prefer to use rose water as a skin toner, for it is believed to be a powerhouse face toner. Well, rose water definitely helps on cleansing and refreshing your skin. It also gives your skin tone brightening effect by having your blood circulation stimulated. And when it comes to keeping the pH of your skin balanced, rose water plays a big role. You just need to store the rose water inside your fridge. And after 30 minutes, dip your cotton ball in your rose water and gently apply it onto your face and neck.

  • Carrot and Ginger Peel Mask

Grated carrots basically give beneficial nutrients to your skin, for it contains vitamins A and C. Carrots can help on regenerating your skin and healing your acne marks, for it helps on boosting collagen production. Gingers contain over 40 effective antioxidant properties that can help your skin tone to be even, and can help provide additional elasticity to your skin. Mix your grated carrots together with honey and your grated ginger until it becomes a paste. Rub the mixture onto your face in circular motions for 3-5 minutes, for it will work as an exfoliator. Leave your mask for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

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