How To Apply Bronzer For A Flawless, Natural Look

Bronzer may seem like a confusing and intimidating makeup product. It is true that applying it the wrong way can totally mess your makeup look easily. However, knowing the right ways on how to apply bronzer can totally step up your game. Stop fretting on whether you should grab the bronzer, we have these easy tips for you to check out!

Understand which bronzer tone matches your complexion

Do not commit the mistake of immediately grabbing a bronzer from the beauty shelves. Just as how you determine which foundation, blusher and lipstick matches your skin tone, bronzers are not a one-shade-fits-all product too. If you have a lighter complexion, use a semi-matte bronzer that comes in a neutral, soft brown shade. For darker skin tones, go for subtle shimmers and warmer orange tones. "The shade of bronzer you use is so important. A good matte bronzer can double as a staple contouring shade and an illuminator—you can add your own shimmer." says celebrity makeup artist Julie Hewett

Use the right brush to apply your bronzer flawlessly

The brush you use for blusher is not the same one you should use for your bronzer. The best brush to apply bronzer evenly and flawlessly onto the skin is a large, fluffy brush. It delivers a more concentrated amount of color without being overwhelmingly thick and dark on the skin. As you pack on the pigment, use gentle strokes in small circular motions to effectively diffuse the color and hence give a more natural finish.

Dust bronzer sparingly after setting your makeup

A light dust of bronzer all over your face, neck and collarbones can pull the entire makeup look together. Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo shares a useful bronzer tip, "After the setting powder is applied, I blend bronzer all over to tie the look together and to add dimension to the perimeter of the face, the jawline, and the cheeks if their complexion is light to medium,"

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