How To Apply Liquid Foundation For A Natural Look

Your foundation serves as the core of your natural looking makeup.  A lot of techniques may seem so hard but once you learn the basics, everything will be in place in no time. You may start with what products to use and how to use them and finally, the art of flawlessly applying them. So, here is how to apply liquid foundation an prepare your canvas evenly so you will be ready to achieve that natural look you always wish for.

Never settle for the wrong shade of foundation

"When you’re buying a new foundation, test a few shades in natural light, then squint. The color that disappears when you squint is your match.", shares makeup artist Nick Barose. Always find your perfect match using this test. Shades that are too dark, too light or too orangey can be very unflattering so it’s quite vital that you carefully consider the shade you’ll go for.

Use the right foundation brush

In choosing the right foundation brush, always consider the formula of you product. Use a high quality brush to make sure you do not prick your skin. Bad quality brush can leave noticeable streaks. Apply the foundation using the best brush by starting in the center of the face and outward so as to blend the tone. For face brushes, makeup artist Lora Arellano says, "Look for rounded foundation brushes with synthetic hairs — they’re usually labeled powder brushes, but they’re the best for blending."  Additionally, when it comes to choosing a foundation formula, start with shades that looks natural, has a fine finish, and has the feeling of weightlessness.

Start with thin layers

Foundation is best laid and applied using thin layers first. Start with one layer of foundation first, blend it well, then let it set. Do not go all-in on the first layer because the thicker your base, the higher chances of caking. Patience is a virtue and very useful also if you want to achieve the best foundation for your canvas.

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