How to Apply Mineral Bronzer for a Natural Look

Even before face contouring became a massive thing in the beauty and fashion scene, bronzers have always been a beauty staple for many of us. Using your mineral bronzer may be puzzling, but it's one of the most versatile makeup products one can ever own. However, bronzers' appeal greatly diminishes for some consumers because they feel they are not achieving the natural look they aim for.

One primary reason why many women stay away from bronzers is that their proper use isn't entirely known. Quit using your mineral bronzer the wrong way, and keep reading this article to learn more about properly using mineral bronzers for a natural look – straight from the beauty experts!


Pick the right shade of bronzer to match your skin tone.

Choosing the right shade of mineral bronzer is very important. While there are shades of mineral bronzers out there that are generally flattering to many skin tones, there are also several bronzer shades that can make you look like you had a bad tan. Celebrity makeup artist Alex LaMarsh shares tips and tricks when choosing the right bronzer shade for your skin tone.

  • Fair Complexion – go for a bronzer with a mix of lighter tan shades and pinkish colors to avoid having your bronzer look too harsh on the skin.
  • Warm Olive Complexion – go for bronzers with yellow or golden undertones to help bring out the warm tones you already have in your natural skin tone.
  • Medium Complexion – avoid bronzers that are too light; instead, choose bronzers that feature medium-warm shades without reflective qualities. It can either be matte or pearlescent bronzers without too many shimmers.
  • Medium Deep Complexion – choose a shimmery bronzer in deep shades but without ashy undertones.
  • Deep Complexion – go for warmer shades and deep golden undertones with subtle shimmers.

Matte Mineral Bronzer for Contouring

One of the most popular uses of mineral bronzers is as a contouring powder. Using a bronzer to sculpt your face, you can add depth and dimension. Bring out the natural features of your face and enhance your facial bone structure by brushing an appropriate amount of matte mineral bronzer onto the hollows of your cheeks, hairline, jawline, and under chin.

Blending the shades very well is the key to contouring using a matte bronzer. Harsh lines due to improper, unblended bronzer application are highly noticeable. These sharp contour lines can be unflattering when not appropriately mixed.

 Frosty/Shimmery Mineral Bronzer as a Complexion Booster

Using your mineral bronzer does not end in contouring – it's also your overall radiance booster! Mineral bronzers add warmth and radiance to the skin. By lightly dusting a proper amount of mineral bronzer all over the face, you'll get a natural sun-kissed glow that instantly makes you look more youthful.

To give your skin a natural-looking glow, use a stippling brush or any other brush with bristles slightly apart from each other. This brush will only dissipate the bronzer, making it look more soft and natural on the skin. Lightly dust your mineral bronzer on the parts of your face where the sun would naturally hit first – forehead, temples, apples of the cheeks, and chin.

Always remember to apply bronzer with a light hand.

Bronzers can be a bit tricky to work with. Since it comes in darker/deeper shades, applying it to your face may look too strong when not used properly. Always apply your bronzer with a very light hand to prevent harsh contour lines or make you look like you had a bad tan.

Choosing the Best Type of Mineral Bronzer for You

The quality of your mineral bronzer is paramount to achieving a natural and desirable finish. Not only that, but makeup should also nourish and not harm the skin. Be mindful of the ingredients in your bronzer, and try looking for better options and formulations that give a smoother finish. Baked mineral bronzers are also ideal if your eye is for something light and natural for an everyday makeup look. Affordability is crucial because high-quality beauty products shouldn't always be a splurge.

According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, founder of Ageless Derma, "Premium beauty products are not always about the price since there are more affordable ones with the same quality. I advise looking for brands that cut the middleman and not spend so much on distribution."


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