How to Choose the Best Makeup for Your Skin Type

Today’s beauty industry gives us a ton of choices in terms of makeup. While it is true that our options are immensely vast, not all types of makeup suit everyone. This brings up the fact that you should really choose what’s best for your skin type or else, it won’t work as how you hope it would. In this article, we would like to tackle one makeup product in particular – foundation.

There is no doubt that foundations have become a beauty staple for many of us. When it comes to completing your makeup look, whether you go for something natural or all-out glam, foundation is a must. It perfects your makeup canvas, which is the face; making it much easier to work with the rest of your makeup products. If you are feel lost in the immense variety of foundation for your skin type, this article is for you. Here’s how to choose the best makeup for your skin type.

Normal Skin Type

A normal skin type is very easy to manage. If one has a normal skin type, it means that the skin has good moisture balance and blood circulation. It’s soft, smooth and rarely produces excessive shine due to sebum. It leans more onto being dry rather than oily. In fact, normal skin types have a tendency to become dry especially during winter.

  • Moisturizing Liquid Foundation – usually offers medium to full coverage while providing deep hydration. The finish is usually semi-matte or dewy.
  • Serum Foundation – it’s advisable to go for serum foundations during winter season as normal skin type tends to be a lot drier. Serum foundations are infused with rich nutrients and moisturizers to aid in relieving the skin from dryness.
  • Mousse Foundation – if you prefer a matte finish for your foundation, mousse-type is ideal. It provides medium coverage, lightweight and sets quickly onto the skin.

Combination Skin Type

A combination skin type is when the T-zone (nose area and forehead) gets oily while the rest of the face does not. The cheeks, eye area, mouth area and chin can either be dry or normal. Combination skin types require different care for the said areas.

  • Pressed Powder Foundation – it’s ideal to apply pressed powder on areas that get oily (usually the T-zone). It absorbs oil and prevents excessive sebum production that causes unwanted shine.
  • Semi-matte Liquid Foundation – it’s the best option for combination skin types for it hydrates the skin while providing superior coverage. Semi-matte foundations prevent highlighting dry patches due to its moisture content while also keeping sebum production at bay.
  • Cream to Powder Foundation – it features a wide variety of coverage from sheer to medium. It is much easier to blend and it gives your skin a smooth, matte finish.

Oily Skin Type

When one has very active sebaceous glands, the skin tends to be very oily. Regardless of the weather being cold or humid, oily skin types still tend to get shine on their faces.

  • Matte Liquid Foundation – full matte liquid foundations usually offers medium to full coverage. They are specifically formulated to eliminate any shine and control excessive sebum production.
  • Stick Foundation – it’s quite ideal to those who want the full coverage effects of a heavy-duty concealer. Most stick foundations offer oil control properties and the finish is usually semi-matte to matte.
  • Water-based (Oil-Free) Foundation – if you do not need heavy coverage on your skin, go for water-based (oil-free) foundations. They are usually sheer and lightweight but feature enough coverage to even out the complexion.

Dry Skin Type

A dry skin type lacks the ability of properly balancing oil resulting to low moisture retention. It is often flaky, rough and patchy. Dry skin is also more prone to damage and early signs of skin aging.

Best Makeup for Your Skin Type

  • Tinted Moisturizer – they are usually sheer but effective complexion-brighteners. It boosts the skin’s moisture retention while providing enough coverage to even out skin tone.
  • Cushion Foundation – this trend started in Asian countries and is now taking over globally. Cushion foundations come in a wide range of types; from sheer to full coverage, all while giving the skin a hydration boost. It usually has a moist and dewy finish to prevent dry patches from appearing.
  • Serum Foundation – for normal skin types, serum foundations are advisable during winter time. However, it is advisable for everyday use if you have very dry skin. It boosts the skin’s moisture retention with its skin care serum properties.

Sensitive Skin Type

A sensitive skin type embraces a wide range of definitions. The term “Sensitive skin” usually talks about an acne-prone skin type. When your skin tends to easily react over certain product ingredients by producing acne, it may be classified as sensitive skin type. However, this can also involve particular skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis etc. One’s skin is deemed sensitive if it requires special treatment.

  • Mineral/Organic Foundation – it features very mild and natural ingredients that treat the skin gently. Mineral/organic foundations are all-natural which prevents skin irritation. Most mineral and organic cosmetics products are non-comedogenic, paraben-free and cruelty-free.
  • Natural BB Cream – BB creams are foundations that are more of skin care rather than makeup. It provides coverage but is immensely infused with nutrients and natural emollients to improve skin condition.

Mature Skin Type (40 years old and above)

Signs of skin aging are quite inevitable as one grows older. If your skin tends to be a lot drier, has wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots forming, your skin may be classified as “mature”. In line with this, mature skin needs special care to prevent further skin aging problems.

  • BB Cream – as previously mentioned, BB creams are more like skin care rather than makeup. A lot of BB creams are rich in anti-aging properties to keep the skin looking youthful. It is also rich in natural moisturizers keeping skin looking plump, healthy and young.
  • Anti-Aging/Serum Foundation – this is ideal if you are looking for a specific foundation to act as an anti-aging product as well. Anti-aging foundations come in a very wide range that offers different types of finish, coverage and effects. If you are looking for a foundation that specifically targets a concern, check out labels and ingredients that mention “anti-wrinkle”, “moisturizing” or “brightening”.


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