How to Contour and Highlight for a Natural Glowing Look

Contouring is a makeup technique that can truly transform the appearance your face. A celebrity makeup artist for Elizabeth Arden named Gina Myers said, ‘Contouring is playing with dark and light colours with the intention of enhancing the areas of the face that naturally stand out.’ In addition, highlighting emphasizes your best features with a more natural touch that gives a glowing look. In this article, we’re about to teach you how to contour and highlight for a natural glowing look.

Know the right areas that need to be contoured and highlighted

When you are contouring, you  can use a matte powder or cream-type product that is two shades darker than your skin tone in order to sculpt the areas you wish to define or reshape, such as your forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin. You can contour the area where the shadows of your face naturally show, such as the hollows of the cheeks, jaw line, and sides of the nose.  Highlighting flatters your complexion and gives emphasis to the areas of your face that flawlessly catch the light. You can highlight areas where the sun usually hits, like your nose bridge, chin, and the higher temples above your cheekbones.

The right application makes all the difference

Having your contour and highlight applied correctly makes a huge difference. The proper application is more than just knowing where to apply it. It also deals on “how” you apply it. Celebrity makeup artist Lora Arellano shares a tip about proper application, "You should use very light pressure when sweeping the brush across your cheeks," She also adds, "Really, the brush bristles should hardly bend on your skin. And be sure to shake the brush after you've dipped it into the blush powder to dust off any excess." Most importantly, blending the edges of your contour should result to a flawless outcome. Right application gives you subtle definition, while making it almost unnoticeable but naturally gorgeous.

Equip yourself with the right set of brushes

Contouring and highlighting would not make you look the way you desired to if you will use low quality set of brushes. The key to proper contouring and highlighting lies so much on blending the pigments to your skin. You should always use high quality brushes to allow your makeup to blend seamlessly. Additionally, they help create a softer and more flawless finish, and they provide amazing performance while you are contouring and highlighting.

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