How to get natural makeup look for green eyes

Do you have green eyes? Well, if you do, your extraordinary eye color can draw an attention, especially with the right makeup hues to match. Green eyes are especially rare and gorgeous, and they truly deserve enhancement. However, how can you catch attention with those green eyes? A natural makeup look for those green eyes is the answer; there are various colors and few makeup tips to make your green eyes sparkle. In this article, we are going to reveal the secrets of how you can get that natural makeup look for green eyes.

Follow the Color Wheel Theory

Sephora Pro makeup artist Amy Sushma said, “On the color wheel, the most complimentary color for each hue is located directly across from the targeted color.” Learn to identify the tones of your green eyes to know which colors clearly enhance your natural eye color. Eyeshadow and eyeliner shades that fall under these tones create definite contrast that will make your green eyes stand out.

Enhance your green eyes with eyeshadows that have richer red tones

Amy Suchma also stated that it is advisable to use eye makeup with rich red tones to make your green eyes stand out. You can gently apply a tad of your blush on your lash line using a soft eyeshadow brush with extended bristles to make your eyes appear greener. Other than that, to enhance your green eyes effectively, you could also go for subtle shimmers and frosty metallic finish eyeshadows, then after that, apply them sparingly for a natural look.

Create depth on your lids with a matte brown eyeshadow

To successfully amplify the red tones of your eyeshadow, trace your matte brown eyeshadow along your crease to effectively deepen your eyes. This will give the illusion of having deeper eyes and will also help emphasize your eye color more, rather than the eyeshadow you’re using.

Provide proper contrast by finishing off with a soft plum lip color

Finishing off your look with a soft plum lip color perfectly provides proper and gorgeous contrast to your green eyes. When choosing the right shade, always pick a wearable reddish plum shade that is not too dark for a gorgeous natural look.

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