How to get natural makeup look for work

Are you tired of always looking so haggard when you are at work? Well, although you have so many activities to finish and projects to deal with, you need to stay fresh and naturally beautiful. Going to work wearing that natural makeup look is something you need to do. Here we have some helpful tips on how to get that natural makeup look for work.

Make your makeup last the entire day with a good primer

A primer will be your base for foundation or face makeup, and it will make everything you put onto your face glide smoothly and last longer. Primer allows better adherence to makeup. Putting on your primer before anything else is essential especially when you are working, for it definitely helps your makeup to last the entire day and it helps you reduce the time you use for unnecessary for touch-ups.

Go for a multifunctional base/foundation

It is advisable for you to use a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer that offers the right coverage you need. It is always best that you wear light to medium coverage and avoid having your makeup appear too heavy. There is no need for heavy layers and thick concealers since it will only leave a higher tendency of smearing and fading. To use a foundation is ideally applied starting only from gradual layers until you work your way into your desired coverage. 

Apply a flattering rosy shade of blusher

Use a brighter blusher to neutralize the dullness due to everyday stress. If you do not have skin textural issues such as acne scars, then consider using a blush with shimmers for additional radiance. You can opt for a baked mineral blusher or cream-type blusher for this one because these formulas last longer.

Skip heavy eyeliners, go straight to your go-to long-wearing lipstick!

Avoid wearing heavy eye makeup because it will possibly smear at the end of the day. Although it is okay to apply one shade of neutral eyeshadow and tight line it only. For your lips, it is advisable to wear nude lipsticks or any lipstick with light pink shades.


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