How to Apply Your Concealer for a Natural Look

A great concealer is basically a skin savior for many of us who suffer from blemishes and other skin imperfections. Ways on how to apply concealer vary depending on which area you’re trying conceal. However, the right application on how to apply concealer goes by similar principles. In this article, we’ll learn the basic tips everyone should know when it comes to properly applying concealer to hide imperfections naturally as if it’s not there.

Choose the perfect shade match for your skin tone

The key to perfectly hiding your skin flaws is to camouflage it under a concealer that looks exactly like your skin. The wrong shade will not only fail to cover your flaw but make it even more noticeable! Maggie Ford Danielson of the Benefit Global Beauty Authority gives an advice on how to find your perfect concealer match. She says, "Your complexion products (foundation, concealer, etc.) should match the inside of your arm, not the back of your hand."

How to apply concealer

A little goes a long way

To achieve natural-looking coverage, you’ll need to go by the “less is more” principle on how to apply concealer. Begin with a small amount and slowly build the coverage up by going for another thin layer. makeup artist Autumn Moutrie says, “You don't have to completely cover it up because you’re never going to completely hide it." She also adds, "Heavy coverage will make it look worse — bigger. You just want to lessen the obviousness by matching your skin tone as best you can.” However, it is still best to find a concealer that offers the best coverage you require in just one to two layers. A concealer that makes you pile more product will only make your makeup cake badly.

Dab the concealer, not sweep.

To prevent unwanted streaks and to maintain the consistency of the concealer, use a light dabbing technique to evenly blend the product. You can use a concealer brush for this one or even your fingers! The point is to keep the concealer intact by not sweeping or pushing it away from the area you want to cover.

 How to apply concealer

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