Quick and Easy Makeup Ideas for Everyday

As the daily lives of modern women becomes more and more demanding, it’s no surprise how women can hardly spare some time to glam up. Whether it is a look for work or for casual lunch dates with family and friends, a number of makeup ideas can be done easily in just a few minutes. All you need is your mineral makeup kit along with a few pro tricks to go by! Here are some makeup ideas that can  be your go-to signature look everyday.

Glowing Dewy Skin

The focus of this natural makeup look would be your skin. The point is to make your skin still look like your skin, only more youthful and radiant. There’s no need to layer up too much foundation and concealer to achieve this look as you would want a more natural finish by going for a semi-sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer.

What you’ll need:

The key is to make the skin look fully hydrated and plump. Additionally, a touch of rosy flush on the cheeks should add youthfulness to the look.

Sun-kissed Makeup Look

The main point of this look should be your sheer glowing tan, which can be achieved with a brightening bronzer. If you have problems with your complexion being too pale and dull, this is the right look for you.

What you’ll need:

You can skip contouring for this look and let your bronzer do the sculpting. Apply it with a light hand to make sure you’re getting a natural finish. Pair it up with a summery coral blusher.

Neutral Eyes and Nude Lips

Add depth to your eyes by using warm, earthy colors to define your natural eye shape. To balance out the colors and keep the entire makeup look natural, pair it up with a flattering nude lipstick.

What you’ll need:

Define the lids by using a matte eyeshadow on the crease. Makeup artist Deanna Melluso shares a tip, "My favorite 'look younger' makeup tip is to first use a luminizer in the inner corner, then swoop it with a fan brush underneath the eye. This brightens the face."

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