Everyday Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

Women, who are over 40 or maybe 50 and still love makeup, are those who really appreciate beauty, elegance and fashionable lifestyle. But are you sure about the choices you are making to coincide with those appreciations? Looking younger may be you primary concern. But if you are on the wrong focus and using unsafe ingredients, you may not be able to achieve your goal. So here are some makeup tips to protect your skin and at the same time guide you with your choices;

Moisture should be the core of your everyday makeup routine

Most mature skin tends to be a lot drier. You need to amplify hydration to make your skin plump and smooth. Such initial preparation will make you makeup application much easier. Choosing high quality moisturizer might be a little expensive but will definitely protect your skin. Use Moisturizer and serum together if needed.

Focus on brightening rather than over-concealing

Having the right focus during you makeup application will do most of the trick.  Use brightening concealer to cover dark circles and dull areas like side of the nose, and corners of the lips. You must learn how to work with highlighter to make your skin glow and vibrant. Remember, too much concealer will make you older.

Keep your eye makeup minimal

For mature skin, makeup in moderation is the key. Do not over do your eyes in terms of shades and shadows. Use dark brown liner plus mascara only for morning, and two neutral eyeshadow shades for evening. Please avoid heavy eyeliners to prevent smearing.

Choose the right flush of blush

As added makeup tips, choose a shade that flatters your skin tone, and use a bit of shimmer for added glow.  You can choose among the recommended blush types like cream, baked mineral, or liquid. Remember to always choose the right flush of blush to blend with your skin tone.

Lip liners and nude glosses are your new best friends

Finally, one of the main highlights of your face is your natural-looking lips. Though lips may shrink as we age, you may use lip liner for added definition and to enhance its shape. A dab of lip gloss adds volume to the lips while bringing back the natural volume and plumpness of your lips.


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