Managing Your Dry Skin

Managing Your Dry Skin

Dr. Farid Mostamand

Author of Ageless Skin Obsession

Dry skin is problematic, physically and socially. Dry skin can be irritable, uncomfortable, and have long-term detrimental effects on the condition and appearance of your face. Dry and flaking skin can also lead to a lack of confidence in social situations.

Dry skin can on face take many forms. Most people experience slightly dry skin at some time, whether through sunburn or contact with harsh chemicals. A hormone imbalance can lead to dry skin, and allergic reactions may cause the skin to shed or suffer cellular damage. Other medical conditions, like dermatitis and eczema, also cause the skin to itch, flake, and become sore. 

Sun-damaged skin may become dry and loose due to a lack of hydration and the loss of elasticity. When this happens, cellular turnover slows down, and cells become damaged and begin to flake. The epidermis is fragile and needs to be protected. Thankfully, there have been a number of advances in skincare incorporating ingredients that aid dry skin.

Skin hydration is essential to prevent dry skin. There are many ways to help hydrate your skin. For example, drinking eight glasses of water a day keeps the dermis and epidermis hydrated and energized. Moisturizing daily with an effective skincare product also helps prevent dry skin. Applying medicated moisturizers to eczema affected skin can help prevent stress-induced irritation and soreness. Becoming educated about dry skin is the first step toward prevention.

If moisturizing is already part of your daily routine, and if you suffer from dry skin, why not invest in a facial moisturizer or cream that replenishes dehydrated skin cells? Preventing and healing dry skin has been made simple. Using effective, scientifically formulated skincare products will protect your face and keep it youthful.

Check the Products You’re Using

Very often soaps or other cleansers contribute to dry skin. These products contain ingredients that are too harsh; you need something milder that cleanses the skin without robbing it of essential oils. The best product to use on dry skin is a mild cleanser, because, even when unscented, soaps often have perfumes in them. Check product labels very carefully and ask your skincare professional for advice in finding the right products for you.

Do not use abrasive brushes or sponges to cleanse the skin. Most people‘s skin cannot tolerate these implements as they strip away important natural oils. Try to avoid rough, itchy clothing (e.g. unlined wool) that can irritate the skin.

Medications like diuretics or acne treatments can have a dehydrating effect on the skin. When your doctor prescribes a medication, be sure to ask if it will lead to dry skin.

Dr. Mostamand Favorite products for Dry Skin

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