How to Apply Mineral Concealer for a Natural Look

The use of concealer in completing a flawless makeup look is quite vital. It basically smooth out your skin by covering all types of imperfections to create a perfect canvas for the makeup look you are going for.

One of the most popular variations of concealers is the mineral concealer. As it has more nourishing features as well as a very skin-friendly formulation, mineral concealers have been a total beauty staple to many women all across the globe.

While the application of mineral concealer is not really different compared to traditional concealers, there are effective ways for you to maximize its function. Make your mineral concealer work by going by these pro beauty tips we have for you! 

mineral concealer

Get Flawless with Mineral Concealer

One common misconception about mineral concealer is that it’s not as heavy duty compared to the regular ones. On the contrary, the only difference with mineral concealers is that it’s formulated with purely mineral and botanical ingredients to make sure the skin stays healthy.

As for its coverage, a high-quality mineral concealer can provide medium to full coverage effective for hiding dark spots, eye bags, scars and other types of discolorations. Make sure you’re getting the real deal before purchasing your next mineral concealer.

By searching for credible reviews and going through its list of ingredients, it’ll be much easier to find out which one suit you best. It’s also important to note that a hefty price tag does not guarantee quality. According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, founder of Ageless Derma, “Two products can both be of top quality in terms of formulation and ingredients.

However, one may be pricier than the other because it spends too much of the business side of the product – distribution, advertisement and middleman. On the other hand, the other brand can lower its price to a more affordable rate because it cuts the middleman in the picture and delivers directly to the consumers.”

Never Forget to Moisturize your Skin

It is true that your mineral concealer can work wonders to your skin but applying it over dry skin would most likely end up like nightmare. Working with dry skin is truly a struggle which is why moisturizers are always a must-have in the skin-prepping process. Applying a mineral concealer over dry skin will only highlight your skin’s dry patches regardless of it being a thin or thick layer.

Prior to applying your mineral concealer, take an appropriate amount of moisturizer and spread it evenly all over you face. Celebrity makeup artist Jung Saem Mool suggests that you need to wait for at least 3 minutes for the moisturizer to fully set. After your moisturizer is perfectly absorbed by the skin, proceed to applying your foundation and mineral concealer.

Less is More

Piling up too many layers of mineral concealer would obviously look quite artificial on your skin. Not only that, it can also be prone to caking and creasing due to the thick amount of concealer applied. “Less is more.” is always a great tip to go by especially when it comes to the natural makeup look.

What if you need more coverage? Let’s say you have more prominent scars and discolorations to cover and one layer of mineral concealer isn’t enough. Well, fret not because there are professional makeup tips to go by for you to make it work.

  • Apply the first layer of mineral concealer on the troubled area.
  • Use a sponge or concealer brush and gently blend it using a light patting motion.
  • Once the first layer is blended, wait for at least 30 seconds until the mineral concealer dries up.
  • Once the first layer is dry, apply another layer using the same applicator.

You can apply up to 3 layers as long as you make sure that the previous layer of mineral concealer is completely dry first. This will allow the mineral concealer to set first and hence prevent it from getting removed after every pat.

Prevent your Mineral Concealer from Caking and Creasing

Now that you have perfected that natural makeup look using the right amount of mineral concealer, the challenge is to make it last the entire day. To keep your mineral concealer intact, lightly dust your skin with a finely-sifted mineral setting powder. If you need an extra boost, you can also go for a setting spray to finish your look at make it last!



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