Natural Eye Makeup Look for Mature Skin

Certain eye makeup looks can be a little tricky sometimes especially when you are dealing with a number of skin aging problems. Crows’ feet, puffy eyes and droopy lids are common signs of aging that noticeably show up on the eye area. With these skin problems being present, applying eye makeup may not be as easy it should really be.

But then again, aging shouldn’t be a hindrance for women when it comes to applying makeup. Achieving a youthful-looking natural eye makeup look is absolutely possible even if you are over 50. The following beauty tips will guide you through perfecting a natural eye makeup look for mature skin.

Less is more. Go soft and natural.

Smoky, dramatic eye makeup has its own charm. However, too much heavy eye makeup can add more years to your look. This is where the phrase “less is more” becomes very applicable. Applying loads of Eyeshadows and thick eyeliners would only amplify your skin concerns like puffy eyes, crow’s feet and hooded lids. In addition to this, thick eye makeup has a bigger tendency to smear and melt off your lids at the end of the day. It will set on your fine lines which makes your wrinkles more obvious.

Instead, go for something neutral and fresh-looking eye makeup products. If you are going to use an eyeshadow, you can choose to use one to two shades – probably three shades maximum.

Avoid packing on concealer or powder on your crow’s feet and fine lines.

It is perfectly understandable that one feels the urge to cover those fine lines with a concealer in hopes of effectively hiding it. Unfortunately, putting loads of concealer over fine lines and crow’s feet does not really do the trick. The appearance of crow’s feet as you grow older is normal and quite inevitable. You need to learn how to embrace it.

On the other hand, you can still minimize the attention your crow’s feet and fine lines get by enhancing your other prominent features. The best you can do about your crow’s feet is to keep your eye area nourished and moisturized. According to the book Ageless Skin Obsession authored by Dr. Farid Mostamand, A good eye cream is a beauty necessity. There are now eye creams that effectively combat the signs of aging and diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.”

natural eye makeup

Hide dark circles by using a brightening concealer.

To make your natural eye makeup look stand out, you need to cancel out the dark circles that may attract attention. To perfectly camouflage your dark under eye circles, you may need to use a color corrector to help your concealer. Using a flat concealer brush, take a small amount of the color corrector and blend it well onto the under eye area. Let it sit for a minute then proceed to applying your brightening concealer. Don’t forget to set it with a finely-sifted mineral veil to make sure it stays put all day.

Go for neutral eyeshadow shades.

To flaunt a natural eye makeup look is to stick to shades that are close to your skin tone. Colors like brown, taupe, bronze and cream white are perfect examples of neutral eyeshadow shades. Start with the lighter shade by sweeping an appropriate amount on the entire lids. Use the darker shade to define the crease.

The key to the natural makeup look is to invest in neutral eyeshadows that delivers top quality finish and pigmentation. Avoid eyeshadows that are too chalky and instead, go for baked mineral eyeshadows that goes smooth and velvety on the lids. Premium eyeshadows do not have to be expensive. Remember to check out beauty brands that do not allot too much money on the middleman cost since that is what makes some products expensive, not the difference in ingredients.

Use brown eyeliner instead of black.

Of course, black eyeliner can also be an option when it comes to achieving a natural eye makeup look. However, applying black eyeliner with a heavy hand will definitely look too dramatic and unnatural. Brown eyeliners come in handy if you want a subtle definition on your eyes. You can use it to tight line or enhance your lower lash line.

Do not forget to highlight your brow bone and inner corners.

Highlighting plays a very important role in achieving a youthful natural eye makeup look. It gives your eyes a subtle pop which makes you look more awake. Highlighting the brow bone lifts your brows and adds dimension to your lids.

This is one great way to draw attention away from your fine lines or hooded eyes. Celebrity makeup artist Patti DuBroff says, “Focus on the brow bone and remember not to let your dark eyeshadows touch your brow bone!” On the other hand, highlighting the inner corners of your eyes makes your eyes look brighter and more radiant.





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