Simple Steps to Achieve Youthful Natural Eyeshadow Makeup

Eyeshadow is an essential makeup product in terms of achieving an expressive eye makeup look. If you wish to make your eyes extra dramatic or subtly enamouring, there are a number of eyeshadow tricks you can do. While that edgy smoky eye and bold wing liner can totally make a statement, the natural eye makeup look is still something every woman should master doing.

As a matter of fact, a perfectly fresh and natural makeup look can do so much for your daily makeup routine! In this article, we are going to cover the best ways to achieve youthful natural makeup look with the use of eyeshadows according to professional makeup experts.   

Eyeshadow Shades You Should Have in Your Beauty Arsenal

Before we proceed to discussing the steps on how to really flaunt a natural eyeshadow makeup look, there’s one important thing you should know. Without a doubt, the key to perfecting a natural makeup look is to know what shades should be used. You can’t use an electric blue or neon pink on your lids and expect it to look natural.

Professional makeup artist Monica Blunder mentions how important it is to invest in neutral eyeshadows. Monical Blunder did Gigi Hadid’s makeup during the Maybelline show and the look truly epitomizes the natural eye makeup look.

Shades that fall under the same tones as your natural skin color are ideal for a natural eye makeup look. Opt for neutral eyeshadows that are matte. If you want a bit of shine, go for shades that are not too glittery like the ones with pearlescent finish.  

natural eyeshadow makeup

Here are some shades you may want to have in your daily neutral eyeshadow palette:

  • Taupe (Matte) – it makes a great transition color.
  • Brown (Shimmer/Pearl) – shades of brown (warm and cool tones) are close to the natural shadows of the skin which creates a more dimensional look on the lids.
  • Rosy Pink (Matte/Pearl) – pink tones add radiance and youthfulness to the complexion.
  • Bronze (Shimmer/Metallic/Matte) – perfectly complements a sun-kissed complexion
  • Champagne (Shimmer/Pearl) – it makes a more natural-looking highlighter compared to sparkling white eyeshadows.

To Prime or Not to Prime

Eyeshadows vary in formulation which explains why its finish may also look different on the lids. Prior to applying eyeshadow, and any type of eye makeup for that matter, requires clean, oil-free lids. Pigments tend to oxidize and change its tones when they get in contact with oil. To prevent this, make sure you have cleansed and toned your face well.

Eyeshadow Primers are optional. It is true that eyeshadow primers have the ability to make your eyeshadow achieve its full pigment. It also helps make the eyeshadow last on your lids much longer for it helps control oil build-up. If you are working with chalky, less-pigmented eyeshadows, then using a primer would help boost your eyeshadow. However, using a primer is not always a guarantee.

You need to invest in high-quality eyeshadows to begin with. Premium eyeshadows formulated with rich pigments and natural binders show its true color in just one swatch. Baked cosmetics are just one of the many good examples of makeup that deliver rich pigmentation.

For instance, baked mineral eyeshadows have a smoother and creamier texture that easily glides onto the lids. In addition to this, it goes in full color which can take eyeshadow primers out of the picture.

Premium eyeshadows shouldn’t always come in hefty price tags. Ageless Derma founder, Dr. Farid Mostamand mentions, “Many cosmetics cost too much not because they use expensive ingredients but because they invest extra money on distribution and middlemen. High-quality makeup products are possible if you stick with independent brands that focus more on the formula rather than the marketing side of it.”

Quick and Easy Steps on How to Achieve Natural Eyeshadow Makeup

  1. Apply a transition eyeshadow shade on your entire eyelid. – Matte eyeshadows make great transition colors for the lids. Taupe or off-white shades make great transition colors for it brightens up the lids without making the eyeshadow look too obvious. Bear in mind that the transition color should be something that will allow the rest of your eyeshadow shades to blend well together. Think of it as a base that boosts your eyeshadow.
  2. Use a dark brown eyeshadow for the crease. – To add depth and dimension to the eyelid, use a dark brown eyeshadow that mimics the natural shadow that your crease creates. This only requires minimal blending since the goal is to deepen the eyes using a darker shade.
  3. Apply a shimmery champagne highlighter on the center of the lids. – Shimmery shades that fall under golden hues like champagne or rose gold effectively make the eyes pop. Apply it on the center to brighten up your eyes and blend well. Avoid using eyeshadows that are too glittery to keep your eyeshadow makeup looking youthful and natural.
  4. Tightline your eyes with a brown eyeliner. – You can also use black eyeliner for tightlining but brown gives your eyes a much softer look.
  5. Apply lengthening and volumizing mascara. – Finish your eye makeup look using black mascara. Longer and fuller lashes give a more natural and youthful vibe to the entire look.



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