The Best Natural Makeup Look For Women Over 50s

Why settle for what is mainstream and common if you got the ability to give your best. Natural makeup would usually mean simple, but remember, simplicity emanates beauty. That is why the best natural makeup look for women over 50 has everything to do with simplicity, delicateness and natural glow. Less foundation is needed since it will look heavy on your skin and reduces its natural beauty. Here are the best methods you must try.

Choose sheer coverage with a dewy finish

Use tinted moisturizer or BB creams to bring that natural-looking base. Choose sheer coverage with a dewy finish while avoiding heavy ones and very matte foundations for it may only aggravate dryness which is usually prominent in mature skin. Full and heavy coverage also tends to create fine lines and creasing with mature skin. Focus your application in the center of your face and blending it smoothly towards the edges for a lesser and natural coverage.

Brighten up the inner corners of your eyes

The best natural makeup look will radiate from a refreshed and well-rested appearance of your eyes. Brighten up the inner corners of your eyes by using pearlescent eyeshadows. This will highlight the inner corners for the illusion of brighter and fresher big eyes.

Work on lengthening and volumizing your lashes

Your eyelashes should be the focal point of your natural makeup look. Curl them and add two to three coats of lengthening black mascara to lengthen and add volume to your lashes. For that extra volume, fill in the upper waterlines using a waterproof pencil, one of the best methods to thicken your eyelashes.

Enhance your natural lip color

Hydrating lipsticks that are slightly glossy will enhance your natural lip color while providing moisturizers to protect your lips. Don’t use super matte lipsticks because these colors will make your lips thinner and older. Nude colors will help it look fresh and healthy while overdrawing the lip line just a bit can help your lips look plumper and younger.

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