Natural Makeup Look Trends to Try for Women Over 40

The beauty industry is quite vast which leaves us an endless list of beauty trends to try out. From blinding highlighters to sultry Smokey eyes – these beauty trends aren’t very new to many of us who love everything about beauty. As you take a look at celebrities and runway models, you may feel like you have to be on a certain age for you to actually pull off such look. Well, while it is true that these beauty trends are usually sported by younger ones, there are also a lot of hot beauty trends women over 40 should never miss!

Vibrant Blush

If you look at the mirror and notice how your complexion seem to lose its natural flush, here’s a Natural makeup look trend you may want to try out. As one grows older, the skin tends to experience a number of conditions that relates to signs of aging. One of these skin-aging signs is dullness. Investing in skincare rich in antioxidants will be of absolute help in bringing your skin’s natural flush back. But if you are in need of a more instant solution, a vibrant layer of blusher will do.

Instead of lightly dusting it over you cheek bones, try to work your way to the entire cheek area by blending the color delicately. Baked mineral blushers and cream cheek pots are more advisable for mature skin for it gives a pop of color naturally without overdoing it.

Bold Statement Lips for a Natural Makeup Look

It’s quite a common sight seeing young women in their 20s sport bold, funky colors from time to time. This is quite an obvious target market for a plethora of lipmakeup brands that produce dramatic hues. However, if you’re over 40, you may naturally feel hesitant such bold statement colors in worries that you may be trying hard to look “young”. Well, worry not because that’s never the case with classic bold shades of red, pink or plum! Regardless of your age, wearing a statement bold lip is sure trendy.

Natural Makeup Look

As one ages, the lips starts to shrink and form wrinkles. This is one common reason why women over 40 are hesitant in wearing bolder colors for their lips. Some lip colors tend to bleed out and seep through the lines making it look highly unflattering. However, there are numerous ways to prevent this.

  • Line your lips with a longwearing lip liner to prevent the lip color from bleeding out
  • Always remember to hydrate and protect your lips as a part of your daily routine. Effective lip repair often includes lip treatments with sun protection, in addition to collagen restoration and hydration. With additional antioxidant support, good lip treatment products can provide a lip repair regimen that sets your lips on a path to a more youthful, healthier appearance.”, Farid Mostamand, Founder of Ageless Derma and author of the book Ageless Skin Obsession stated.

Gorgeously Blinding Highlighters

Applying highlighter makes a huge difference in any makeup look. May it be a fresh, Natural makeup look or a dramatic evening look, highlighters truly amplify your face up. What’s great about highlighters is that it bounces off light which gives the illusion of a much dimensional and lifted face. Mature skin starts to sag hence creating shadows that emphasize wrinkles. In order to contradict this, highlighters draw more attention by attracting light to your face’s best features.

It also adds to your complexion’s youthful and healthy glow! Just dust some highlighter on the temples of the cheeks, chin, cupid’s bow and chin for more luminosity. Professional makeup artist Sandy Linter highly recommends highlighting the highest points of your face since women lose fat in their face as they age.

Sparkling Eye Makeup

You don’t need loads of glitter just to make your lids shine. The definition of “sparkle” varies for younger women to more mature women. Dealing with subtle shimmers and metallic hues for the eyes is more ideal in completing a makeup look for women over 40.

Ditch your glitter pots and add subtle shine on your lids with shimmery eyeshadows that contain finely-milled shimmers. If you’re worried about shimmer highlighting your eye area flaws such as wrinkles and fine lines, here are some easy tips to remember:

  • Always use an eyeshadow primer or base when working with eye makeup with sparkles and shimmers. A primer/base seals off the color and prevents it from creasing.
  • Using your fingertip, lightly dab shimmer eyeshadow onto the center of the lids only for a more natural look. Avoid applying it onto areas where lines and wrinkles are prominent.







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