How to Get a Natural Toned-Down Cat Eye

Donning a cat eye is usually associated with dramatic, nighttime looks. Wearing a cat eye for your everyday look may seem a bit intimidating, but did you know that a natural toned-down cat eye version can be your daytime go-to as well? Beauty experts weigh their makeup advice in on how to get a natural toned-down cat eye without the hassle.

Give black a rest – go for other dark hues!

The classic cat eye is most commonly achieved using a jet-black eyeliner drawn thickly and winged heavily. Well, you can still sport a cat eye sans all the drama! Instead of using a black eyeliner, opt for dark but less striking hues such as navy blue, dark brown, olive green and bronze. This will give your eyes the same definition as what traditional black eyeliner gives, only a tad muted. It will also give your cat eye makeup look a more subtle and youthful vibe.    

natural toned-down cat eye

Master the art of smudging and blending

If you find it hard to have your hands steady when using an eyeliner to draw a cat eye, there’s an easier alternative for you. As long as you know how to properly smudge and blend using your brushes, you’ll be able to get a natural toned-down cat eye. Makeup artist Charlie Riddle says, “Take your favorite smoky eyeshadow, an angled eyeliner brush, and a bit of water. Wet your brush and dip it into the shadow. Start by placing the brush in the middle of the lid, and smudge it outwards then fill in to the corner of the inner eye.”

Use a nude eyeliner for the lower waterline

Lining your lower waterline with a nude eyeliner will brighten up your eyes the natural way. Nude eyeliner gives your eyes a more subtle lift compared to an opaque white eyeliner. This will also bring attention to your cat eye without being too overwhelming. 

natural toned-down cat eye

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