How To Get A No Makeup - Makeup Look For Mature Skin

The key to wearing makeup, especially for mature skin, is the saying that, “wearing less is having more.” Makeup look for mature skin is not about hiding you imperfections but on the other hand is highlighting or even enhancing your natural beauty. That is why having a no makeup makeup look will simply make any woman feel confidently prettier while protecting the skin from premature aging. Here is how you should do it.

Hydrate and Protect your skin prior to makeup

Mature skin needs extra care as it is more prone to damage. Age spots and broken capillaries are more prominent when we’re older, however, if your skin is well hydrated and moisturized this can be minimized. Moisturizers will plump your skin making lines and wrinkles less visible. Use the double hydration technique by using moisture cream plus serum along with sunscreen protection.

No to Heavy Foundations – Go for Tinted Moisturizers or BB Creams

Tinted moisturizers or BB creams are more lightweight and they are specifically formulated to allow the skin to breathe. Heavy foundation especially if applied drastically at one time has more chances of caking. It may also feel heavy and uneasy. BB Creams or Beauty Balm Creams provide slightly more coverage than tinted moisturizers, but both aim to prime your skin while moisturizing it.

Use makeup colors that resembles your natural features

Enhancing your cheekbones with heavy colors does not really give a flattering effect after a certain age, making your skin look hard and hollow. Blush that is one or two shades brighter than your natural flush will enhance the glow of your cheekbones. But remember to put it with a light hand!

As for the lips, they become thinner as we age, with wrinkles normally appearing along its upper contour. To make lips seem smoother and full, wear lipstick that has the same tone as your lips but only brighter. Avoid dark colors and heavy matte lipsticks because they make your lips appear thinner and dull.

Highlight the high points of your face

You can add glow and draw attention to your best features by using a highlighter. Highlight the higher points of the cheeks and the bridge of your nose while flawlessly hiding broken capillaries in these areas. Use a shade two tones lighter than your skin tone to make it even more glowing.

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