Oily Skin Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

It’s not very easy to work with makeup when you are suffering from terribly oily skin. Oil can drastically affect your makeup look as certain chemical reactions take place when oil gets in contact with cosmetics. Additionally, as your skin constantly oils up all throughout the day, your entire makeup tends to melt horribly on your skin. True enough, dealing with oily skin is never a piece of cake.  

But of course, this does not mean that there’s no hope. You can definitely flaunt that perfectly flawless natural makeup look even if you have an oily skin type. The beauty experts have spoken and in this article, we are going to share their professional tips on how to apply makeup on oily skin.

Proper cleansing is a must.

Thorough cleansing is very important regardless of what skin type you’re in. Furthermore, oily skin tends to attract more dirt that eventually leads to skin problems and breakouts. If your skin isn’t clean enough, applying makeup over an improperly cleansed face will only push all the impurities deeper.

In addition, your foundation won’t adhere well to the skin due to the excessive sebum and dirt still lurking on the surface of your skin. Choose an oil-free cleanser that works for your skin type. If you wish to invest a bit more in your cleansing routine, you can also use a pore brush to make sure your skin is deeply cleansed.

Another important step in cleansing is toning. Dr. Farid Mostamand, author of Ageless Skin Obsession and founder of Ageless Derma mentions, “A very important step in cleaning an oily face is the application of toner. Toners help clear away makeup and dirt that may have been left behind by the cleanser.” Without a doubt, having an efficient oil-control toner in your skincare regimen is vital in terms of keeping your skin oil-free and dirt-free.

Never skip moisturizers.

It’s easy to think that in order to avoid oily skin from getting oilier, one must skip applying moisturizer. However, this is a total misconception. This is an ugly myth that should be shunned because moisturizing the skin, even if you have an oily skin type, is very important.

You may be wondering how this can possibly work when what a moisturizer does is add grease to the skin! Well, the key to hydrating oily skin is to choose an oil-free moisturizer. Water-based moisturizers are ideal when you have oily skin for it gets absorbed quickly without leaving a grease-like moisture film.

oily skin makeup

Always go for Oil-free cosmetics.

Using foundations that feature water-shine or dewy finish would be counterintuitive if you are suffering from oily skin. It is best to avoid these makeup products for these may contain higher amounts of oil-based ingredients.

When shopping for cosmetics, always look for products that are oil-free. Always for products that prevent oil, specifically when it comes to primers, foundations, powders and even setting sprays. Oil-free cosmetics should be easy to find as they are widely available in the market.

If you have mature, sensitive skin, opt for premium mineral cosmetics for they contain natural emollients instead of artificial oil-based ingredients. Premium mineral cosmetics shouldn’t always be expensive. Brands that don’t cut the middleman tend to have higher price points so make sure you look for brands that focus more on the formula rather than distribution and marketing.

Prep and prime your skin with a mattifying primer.

Using a mattifying primer prior to applying your foundation would be an enormous help especially when the weather gets hot and humid. Matte primers absorb excessive oil both from your makeup and skin all throughout the day. And yes, apart from your skin, your makeup tends to produce oil too especially when it gets in contact with sweat and humidity. When choosing a matte primer for oily and sensitive skin, go for organic mineral primers to make sure your skin is gently treated.

Avoid layering too much makeup on.

Less is more – this is very much applicable to those with oily skin. The more you layer makeup on your skin, the bigger the chance that it will melt down your face and cake. Go for a lightweight foundation that offers enough coverage for your skin. If ever you need more coverage for more obvious skin flaws like scars and acne, use a full coverage concealer to spot treat. Focus only on the areas that need to be concealed instead of piling up layers of foundation or concealer.

Always set your makeup with an oil-control powder.

Finishing your entire natural makeup look with a very good oil-control powder will help keep your makeup intact. Translucent powders or lightweight mineral powders help absorb excessive oil and seal your makeup to the skin. Whenever your skin oils up, it greatly affects the longevity of the makeup you are using. Applying a light layer of powder onto the face will help make your makeup intact all throughout the day.


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