How To Apply Pink Blush For A Natural Healthy Look

Pink looks very sweet and youthful, and it’s just one reason why it’s a popular shade among blushers. Using a pink blush is common, hence its wide selection of variations. If you’re currently bewildered on which exactly is the right type of pink to give you that beautiful flush you desire, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we do have some tips on how to apply pink blush to make you look naturally healthy and gorgeous.

Find the Right Shade of Pink to suit your complexion

Pink comes in an overwhelmingly number of different tones. Just like how you match your foundation according to your skin tone, choosing the right pink blusher is all about knowing what matches your complexion as well. Here’s a quick guide to know what type of pink looks good according to your skin tone.

  • Fair Skin – baby pink, pale/lilac-based pink, peony pink
  • Medium/Olive Skin – mauve pink, berry pink, deep rose pink
  • Deep/Dark Skin – plum-based pink, fuchsia pink

Diffuse the color using light dabbing motions

After putting your pink blush, you can lightly dab it using your fingers (or with a dense blush brush) so you can perfectly diffuse the color naturally. Packing the pink blush on with a heavy hand may end up giving you those clown-like cheeks. To prevent this, light patting motions on the cheeks would give a more natural outcome. Performing this technique is much recommended, because this can help make your pink blush more even and well-distributed.

A little bit of shimmer won’t hurt

Incorporating a tinge of shimmer offers a youthful flush to the apples of your cheeks. With this being mentioned, using a pink blush that has subtle shimmers in it is also advised for added glow. Makeup artist Jenny Song says “Microfine shimmers give the skin a boost of radiance. But when choosing a blusher or highlighter with shimmers, make sure you don’t go for those that feature glitter chunks or else it would look very artificial on the skin.”

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