How to Use a Pore Minimizer

Enlarged pores have been a common problem for men and women especially after they hit puberty. It can be hereditary or it may be due to environmental exposure. As this dilemma continues to progress, many skincare brands have launched their own versions of pore minimizer. It can be a pore minimizer in skincare formula or makeup formula. In this article, we will discuss how to properly use a pore minimizer in the skincare category.

What is a Pore Minimizer?

A pore minimizer usually comes in serum or cream form. The main function of a pore minimizer is to clarify the pores in order for them to reduce their size. A premium pore minimizer feature top-notch ingredients that can flush the pores out and diminish its size to make it less noticeable. Most skincare pore minimizers require an ample amount of time before the user can see visible results so it needs to be used regularly.

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Always begin with exfoliation

For the pore minimizer to be highly efficient, it needs a great set of skincare products to work with it. Most pore minimizers don’t really take effect on its own so it’s often incorporated with a regular skincare routine. One of the major skincare steps that will boost the effect of your pore minimizer would be exfoliation. Your pore minimizer won’t be able to fully penetrate the pores if your skin is wrapped with impurities and dead skin. Exfoliating your skin using a gentle scrub would free your skin from these impurities. As you exfoliate, the pores become more exposed and it becomes a perfect opportunity for your pore minimizer to work.

Use top quality skincare products to work with your pore minimizer

The products you use together with your pore minimizer plays a very significant role in diminishing your pore size. Dr. Farid Mostamand, founder of Ageless Derma says, “If you use poor-quality cosmetic products, your pores may be affected by bacteria that lead to adult acne.” With this mentioned, you need to understand your skin type and research on which skincare products would work in complete synergy with your pore minimizer.

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