Natural Makeup Look for Sensitive Skin

If you have a sensitive skin, you may think that you are not meant to use makeup. You might lose hope that you can never wear makeup anymore because of the hundreds of irritants you have to deal with! However, it’s not always the case as there are makeup products that work specifically on sensitive skin. In this article, we are about to teach you how to successfully achieve that naturally gorgeous makeup look, even if you have a sensitive skin.

Know which product ingredients to avoid

To be aware of what your skin needs to avoid should be your first priority. First, having alcohol as the main ingredient of your makeup or skincare product is clearly a problem. Avoid the types of alcohol such as denatured or isopropyl for it can be very cruel to skin for they can make your skin really dry. Alcohol also causes an erosion of the surface of your skin, which is certainly harsh. Second, avoid products that have synthetic fragrance mixes for they can be linked with allergies and dermatitis. Products with this ingredient can be hazardous to your health. Third, avoid products with artificial colors because it is conjectured to be a human carcinogen, a skin irritant that can possibly cause cancer in living tissue.

The secret of sensitive skin makeup is all in the prep

Hypoallergenic skincare products are highly recommended for they promote inflammation prevention, reduction of redness, prevention of dark spots, and vastly increased hydration. Clogged pores could always thwart your skin from looking gorgeous, and not only that, they can badly highlight blemishes too. That is why, it is also advisable for you to use either hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic products because they do not clog pores. It’s ideal to have your base hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic on top of everything else, so you can provide your skin the protection and hydration it needs first.

Keep your makeup minimal

The less amount of makeup on your skin is better. That way, you are also minimizing contact with possible irritants that cause your skin to react.  For example, when it comes to putting foundation, apply it very cautiously and try it with just a little bit of the product you are using. Blending your makeup is essential. Additionally, remember to use the correct products that will not irritate your skin, yet will fit your skin type.

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