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Skin Care Tips For Men

Why Men's Skin Ages Differently from Women’s

Although men and women go through a similar aging process, the symptoms of aging differ between the genders. While women lose collagen, men face a serious deficit in hydration that can lead to the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin. Anti-aging products for men are most often focused on restoring that hydration rather than on promoting collagen production. This explains why ingredients like peptides are often absent from men's anti-aging products, while hydrating ingredients like sodium hyaluronate are a definite must. Men tend to be harder on their skin than women; they spend more time in the sun and subject their faces to the daily irritation of shaving.

It is important to find anti-aging products that combat the effects of sun damage through the addition of antioxidants that also help to repair the skin. Shaving irritation is a problem, so moisturizing ingredients that soothe rough skin are also important in a man's anti-aging regimen. There are two companies that provide men‘s anti-aging lines that address these male-specific issues:

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Yonka – Yonka is a broad skincare line for both men and women, with a variety of products designed just for their male clientele. Yonka Age Defense provides a blend of active ingredients that promise to increase hydrations by 115% just two hours after applying, and it contains antioxidants that protect the skin from further damage. This Yonka product can be used effectively after the effects of aging have already set in, but if you start your program early, you can stop the damage before it starts.

Babor – Babor skincare for men includes two products specifically geared to address the effects of aging. Babor's Energizing Age Preventing Cream offers a variety of proteins to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while panthenol and bisabolol provide the hydration a man's skin needs. Babor's Line Reducing Eye Gel directs its action at one of the prime problem spots for men – the fine lines and crow's feet that appear around the eyes. 35

Anti-aging is not just a concern for women. With skincare lines designed just for the male population, men can also enjoy smoother, younger looking skin.

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