Tips for Natural Makeup Look for Work

As a professional, you would want to look smart, modest and confident. If you are a career woman, you might be wondering what kind of makeup look should you exactly for work. To achieve a natural look that perfectly suits your work, there are key factors for you to remember before heading out to your workplace.

Avoid Heavy Foundation

A natural makeup look for work also translates to everyday makeup look. You wouldn’t want something heavy to wear every day, would you? Piling up layers of foundation will definitely make your skin feel stuffy. Not only that, it’s more likely to cake on your face when oil starts building up by the end of the day. Use a lightweight foundation, tinted moisturizer of BB cream that features premium natural ingredients beneficial to the skin. This way, you are giving your skin natural coverage while providing it nutrients to help ease your skin from stress.

The Significance of Neutral Bronzer

Applying bronzer is a great way to instantly give your complexion a nice, warm glow. When you are working indoors, your skin may look gloomy when you opt for a matte foundation alone. To be able to contradict dull complexion, use feather-like strokes of neutral bronzer and work your way on the temples of the cheeks. For a natural makeup look for work, bronzers with a tinge of shimmers are also ideal to make the skin look more radiant and youthful.

natural makeup look for work

Go Easy with Eyeliner

Heavy eyeliner is an absolute no-no when it comes to work makeup because it tends to smear over at the end of the day. Long hours of work can truly take its toll on your eyeliner. Stila’s professional makeup artist, Vivian Martin shares her eyeliner beauty tip: “Eyeliner itself isn't always necessary! A clean liner look can be just as easily achieved by spraying a shadow brush with water and dipping it into a black eyeshadow.” Of course, you can still go for an eyeliner to make your eyes pop. However, you only need a small amount to work on – even a dark brown mineral eyeshadow can work too!

natural makeup look for work


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