Tips on How to Have Younger-looking Skin with Natural Makeup

Wearing makeup has no solid rules. Makeup is another form of art where you are free to express yourself. However, there are quite a few unspoken pointers that you should go by if you want to look more youthful with makeup on. While it is true that you are free to go for bold statements and dramatic colors, the fact that you might be transforming yourself beyond your age is still there.  You must be thinking that natural no makeup look is only for those who already have great skin but, that’s not true at all. This look is for everyone, even to those women who have more mature skin. If you wish to look young and fresh all without piling up a ton of makeup, here are very simple tips you can consider in doing makeup to look younger.

Paying more attention to Special Skincare

Working with mature skin definitely needs special care. According to Ageless Skin Obsession, a book authored by Dr. Farid Mostamand, There are many essential vitamins and minerals that are becoming depleted in the skin that need to be restored, repaired, or revitalized to keep the skin looking fresh”. With this being mentioned, anti-aging creams are quite ideal for women 40 and above. This will make your skin look plumper and hydrated; giving it a very youthful effect. Instead of going for the usual drugstore moisturizers as a way to prep your skin before makeup, research for anti-aging creams rich in minerals and vitamins and use it as your daily moisturizer.

Natural Makeup Look

Multi functional Face Makeup Products are Ideal

Because of skin imperfections that age brings to your skin, working with too much types of makeup won’t be very practical anymore. For instance, if you have wrinkles prominent on your eye area, piling up layers of concealer over it won’t do the trick of covering it. Instead, one full layer of a multi functional makeup product will. Professional makeup artist and beauty mogul Bobbi Brown recommends the use of BB Creams. BB Creams have several beneficial functions like anti-aging, brightening and hydrating – properties that mature skin needs.

Go Easy on your Highlight and Contour

To prevent losing your face’s natural dimension, you should never skip contouring and highlighting. Contour and highlight lifts your face up for added depth; resulting to a much youthful look. However, you need to have a light hand for it to look subtle and more natural. If you are on the go and you would need to cut your makeup time in half, choose a brightening mineral blusher to do both.

Make your Eyes Stand Out

One of the major signs of aging happens around the eye area. Mature skin battles with droopy eyes, dull under eyes and crow’s feet most of the time. In order to prevent this, go easy on your eye makeup by choosing a palette of shades complements your eye color. This will bring out the color of your natural eyes hence, making it look livelier. In addition, you should also curl your lashes and always apply mascara that has efficient volumizing and lengthening properties.

Always consider cosmetic products with “Anti-aging” on the label.

Anti-aging products offer special treatment to mature skin which explains why they are usually in hefty price tags. However, more beauty enthusiasts are becoming more observant in terms of choosing their cosmetic products. In other words, it’s not always about the brand name itself but the list of quality ingredients and the team of skin and beauty experts behind the brand. More and more indie brands are being hyped up for they produce skincare products that perform just as effective as high-end brands. However, the trick is to cut the middleman and go straight to consumer which results to products in a much affordable price range.


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