Alpha-Arbutin For Skin Lightening and whitening cream

The skin care line made by Ageless Derma is based upon its array of naturally derived products that work quickly and effectively.  The company’s latest formulation for lightening skin and evening out skin tone is no exception to this rule.  Ageless Derma’s Anti Aging Intensive Skin Brightener pulls together a variety of natural components to work together in one lightening cream. One plant-derived ingredient known as Alpha-Arbutin is highlighted to work as an especially effective ingredient.

Alpha-Arbutin was chosen as a key ingredient in the company’s most effective lightening cream because of its ability to reduce dark spots, its safety on humans, and its botanical beginnings.  This synthetic compound arose from natural botanical sources.  Its main plant source is the Bearberry, a small evergreen bush that grows in the mountainous Northern Hemisphere, particularly in the United States.  Another hard-working component of this compound stems from a common weed, Dockweed, indigenous to Canada.

Exposure to sunlight is one of the main causes of dark spots on the face.  The addition of Alpha-Arbutin to Ageless Derma’s whitening cream helps reduce the skin’s melanin from reacting to sun exposure.  In addition to being naturally derived, there are no preservatives employed in the manufacturing of this compound, making it very safe to use.

PentaPharm, a pharmaceutical research company, proved the compound whitens skin and evens out tone.  >When compared with other ingredients used in bleaching creams, Alpha-Arbutin was found to work more quickly and be more effective at skin lightening than any other component used.

When used at 2% strength, the formulation was found to work very efficiently.  In scientific studies performed, a cream containing 2% Alpha-Arbutin was tested on the age spots of 80 Chinese volunteer subjects.  After three months of using the cream, 85% of the subjects showed an improvement in their skin tone, with the appearance of age spots greatly reduced.  Also in a scientific study reported in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, Alpha-Arbutin was reported to be a safe and effective ingredient for skin lightening.  Ageless Derma uses Alpha-Arbutin in 2% strength in its Skin Brightening Cream to take full advantage of its effectiveness. 

The production of Ageless Derma’s latest skin brightening cream is a proven winner in its ability to work more quickly against hyperpigmentation and skin aging.  When all of its ingredients are put into effect upon the skin, a natural, anti aging, skin toning event takes place that may well be unrivaled in the skin care industry.  This Anti Aging Skin Brightening has put together a natural whitening cream containing a daisy flower derivative, a mulberry and grape juice extract substance, a new form of Vitamin C, and an anti-inflammatory formulated from licorice root extract.  When pulled together in one lightening cream, the effects are both youthful and protective.

Because Ageless Derma refuses to compromise on its use of only naturally derived ingredients in its skin care products, its lightening cream can be considered a natural whitening cream with anti aging properties.